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    I'm pretty much a plug and play type of guy too which is why I get on so well with the Kemper. At the one end you can litterly just load a decent profile and play it like a basic tube amp. At the other extreme you can do some really impressive nonsense. I would highly recomend that you A) just spend a few days playing with random profiles to enjoy the sounds and find home base. B) familiarise yourself with the basic operating workflow. I found some of it unintuitive at first but once you get your head round the VERY basics of Kemper logic it all starts to make perfect sense. C) after that you should have a pretty good idea of exactly what you want to achieve and enough basic familiarity to figure out how to do it (or at least ask the right questions to get help with it).

    Above all have fun and avoid trying to over think things. It's only as complicated as you make i

    This Sunday I’m locking myself in my studio and nothing is coming in except my Mac, a coffee and my reading glasses! My frustration is mostly from trying to learn the tc electronic g-system and that was a complete nightmare of a instructional manual . So I’ll approach this with more patients. I believe the kemper is worth the time to invest in, just from mucking about with the profiles that were available, i can tell this wil be a beautiful friendship! (Know anyone interested in a 1967 fender bassman black face? ;-).

    for now I’m definitely a plug and play until I decide what to do else wise whit this machine. I do rock band covers in the line of 50’s rock and roll, because it’s just fun. But doing also some more modern things like Go-Gos tunes. (Yes I have a crush on Jane weildlen). I consider myself geeky but still have to read tech manuals twice to understand what I just didn’t understand. I’m a power plant mechanic that welds yet still absolutely love gary Larson so I’m not afraid to try and fail and try again and new mediums such as the kemper. Being new to midi and all that jazz can be daunting to say the least. I guess they should probably write the “kemper for dummies “ book for us plain simple folk. Lol. At least that what I was hoping for when I opened the manual. I’m going to spend some quality reading time tonight with the books and I’ll write you back when I make some headway. Thanks for the reply. The forums here are a great way to get a perspective from pros and the like on the way to approach a new frontier! Cheers! And hopefully I’ll have something positive to write about on a new day!

    I’m absolutely blow away by the profiler and the people that have made the great profiles. It’s staggering. I splurged and purchased the powered rack, foot control and a mission engineering Gemini 2 Bluetooth and the sound coming out it this just floored me. My frustration is mostly because I am new to this and I usually pick up on things quickly (except for the G-system) I’ll have to sit and watch the tutorials again with a notebook to keep tabs. Many of the YouTube guys seem more interested flashy entertainment than newb help. Lol.

    thanks for the welcome. I’m really loving the sounds I’m sampling off the rig manager but the manual really does a horrible job explaining how to start off for a musician that has been plugging into the front of a amp for 20 years. Is there a tread you know of that walks a nube through the process of setting this up to have performances?