When the output level of the mono mix problem

  • I kemper the user.
    Tone to make the headphones at home,
    Connect the amplifier's return from theater.
    kemper the 'monitor out' to connect to the return of the amplifier.
    But 'monitor out' when the outputs of the delay or reverb mix level'm much reduced.
    When the headphones at level 55 or so delay mix sounded reasonably know. 'Monitor out' should be output to the 85 outputs of the delay sound alike.

    If the 'main out' to send a stereo signal to a mixing console 'monitor out' for the monitor connected to the amp's return if you write the amplifier,
    'Main out' of the stereo signal in accordance with the delay or reverb mix level of the output
    "Monitor Out" is the amount of the amplifier connected to the delay or reverb output is bound to be short of.
    Is there a solution for this?...

  • It was translated by Google Translate.
    I can not English. As a result of the question by the translation in the translation there is a point to be worried about,
    Meaning transmission is so regrettable but well.
    Sorry. Ask again ask people to English is good.