Using a powered KPA with a HiFi box!?

  • Hi all,

    my problem is: I´m looking for a solution to use my KPA powerhead at home with a most authentic sound, especially to try out new bought rigs and filter the ones that I might like.
    In the rehearsal room I have my CLR wedge, but I have no time to go there and try e.g. the 250 rigs from SSP`s Artist packs. It would be great to use some spare time inbetween at home to test them one by one.
    Up to now I´m using the speaker of a self built combo amp I have at home, but this of course changes the sound drastically, be it with cab-sim on or off. Rigs that sound good with this speaker very often give a completely different Impression with the CLR in the rehearsal room.

    So I came to this -maybe odd- idea: Shouldn´t it be possible to use a (good) old HiFi-Box at the power output of the KPA at "bedroom" level? Of course, each HiFi box sounds different and there is a great range in quality and hence in sound. But, basically any HiFi box should sound more "original", straight and linear (hope you get what I mean) than a guitar speaker, shouldn´t it?

    So, my question is: Has anybody tried this before and can share his experience before I go and try to shoot a good used box at the bay or somewhere else?


  • I would be very very careful with this ... unless you don't worry to much about potentially blowing some "old" HiFi speakers.

    First of all, there's always the risk that you start enjoying to much ...
    "Honey, why don't you just go and get some nice new shoes? Cya later! ... OK, let's turn it up just a little more .... well, yet a bit more!? ... hell yeah, just some more should be ok, no? She won't be back before another 2 hours." :D

    Second: Don't underestimate unexpectedly strong transients from your playing. In recorded music they have been taken care of (compressors, limiters) but with the Profiler speaker out you can easily get the "real deal".

  • Thanks for your quick replies, deadpan and lightbox.

    Yeah, of course I I would have to tame myself and keep the volume down. Well, if I forgot, my neighbours would remind me for sure :S

    But it seems it might give decent results, so maybe I´ll try.

    My aim is not to have fun at home and noodle for hours, I just want to get a close as possible impression of the "real" sound of a rig (close to the sound it would deliver if I dragged my CLR home after each rehearsal).

    Maybe some other guys, who have tried this solution, can chime in and Report their experience/Impression.

  • Hi Tom,

    If I have understood your requirements correctly, it seems to me that you might benefit from a passive FRFR solution that will:

    1) Allow you to audition KPA profiles at home from your powered Kemper.
    2) Give you a reasonable approximation of how these profiles will be reproduced and sound when you play them through your Atomic CLR wedge. That is to say...ideally, they will not require radical adjustments to the profile's EQ or virtual Cabinet.
    3) Something decent, yet low budget. I mean, if money were no object, than the optimum solution would be to just buy a second CLR wedge which you could keep at home.

    I imagine that using a decent, low budget FRFR, in order to audition KPA profiles/rigs at home, will allow you to get a much better feel for how the profile/rig will sound through your CLR, versus a traditional guitar cab or even a dedicated home HIFI audio system. Will it be identical? No...but it will get you in the ball park.

    I was thinking along the lines of something like this:

    Behringer Eurolive B212XL

    It is $159 USD at online retailers, such as Musician's Friend:…ssive-titanium-pa-speaker

    There is also a floor/wedge version:…20f-800w-12-floor-monitor