FS: Dragoon 2x12" Celestion Century Neodymium

  • I'm selling this cab in excellent conditions 'cause I'm not using it any longer. It's beautiful and I love it, but I need an acoustic guitar and a new soundcard :/
    AFAIK, The Celestion Century Neodymium cones are no longer available.

    Dragoon is a highly rewarded manufacturer. Their cabs are extremely light, very musical and versatile.
    This cab can be used closed, half-open or fully open. Can be connected @ 4 or 16 ohm in mono, chained to others and used in stereo as well. It weights 14 kg.

    It's hard to describe the way a Dragoon cab with Neo drivers sounds and feels, but I'll try...
    The cab shows high dynamic, a fast attack, presence, great sensitivity to the touch. The musical range is wide and articulated, with shiny cleans and a thick body; distorts are aggressive and powerful. The response on the low region is always precise and powerful, detailed and modern; mids are very present, defined and more powerful than with other Celestion loudspeakers; highs are present and articulated.

    Efficiency is extremely high, 102 dB 1W 1m

    Its top coat is custom, Mesa\Boogie style :)

    Comes with its padded case for free.

    The cab has been played a small amount of hours, and always at a low volume. No-one smokes in my studio :thumbup:

    Paid 1600 €, I'm asking 780 €, PP'ed or through money transfer

    For other "visual" information (including rear connections and the case) see pics here.

    Would be nice if my favourite cab ever found a nice new owner ^^

    Technical data:
    Nominal Power: 160W (you can safely supply 200 W nominal)

    Dimm: 39 x 74 x 31 cm

    Weight: 14Kg (30.9 Lb)

    Resonance: 80Hz
    Frequency Response: 80Hz-5kHz

    [Blocked Image: http://img.mercatinomusicale.c…50/4725074_1466192793.jpg]