SOLD: Kemper Profiler Black with lots of Purchased Profile Packs

  • Selling my Kemper Profiler (non powered). Mint condition. Has never left studio desk in non-smoking environment. Includes the following profile packs that I purchased for it:
    Michael Britt Driftwood Pack
    Michael Britt Guyton Pack
    Michael Britt 69 Marshall Pack
    Michael Britt 800 Pack
    Michael Britt Profile Pack 1
    Michael Britt Profile Pack 2
    Michael Britt Profile Pack 3
    Michael Britt Tweedy Pack
    Top Jimi 87 Marshall Silver Jubilee Pack
    Top Jimi Tim Caswell AFD Pack
    Burton Stock XTC Pack
    Burton Stock Brit 800 Pack

    Please make an offer if interested.
    Will ship within US only. Ships Free.

  • Just to follow up - I literally purchased this about 2 weeks ago. I like it a lot (it's my second one), but I just can't get past not being able to use 48K with spdif. I know a lot of people don't think it makes a difference, and it probably doesn't - but I'm a little OCD. :)
    It's never been registered with Kemper. It's literally brand new.

  • I was bothered by not being able to use 96KHz, over SPDIF, it would've been really convenient.

    I then tried XLR at 96KHz, and it sounds incredible. Convenience is nice, but the sound the Kemper makes, is well worth it to me.

    Try XLR's, before getting rid of the Kemper, if you can. Otherwise, good luck with the sale.

    Kemper Powerhead w/remote & Kabinet
    Focusrite 18i8 (2nd Gen) - Windows 10 - Ableton Live - Yamaha HS-8's - DT770 80 ohms

  • Hi there--

    Is this still for sale?

    New here but a member of the Gear Page, Prs Forum before that, My Les Paul, etc etc, for over a decade.