Volume Problems after FW Update

  • After updating the KPA to the newest FW version I have huge problems with volume levels. All the volumes of the clean profiles are way too low while all of the distorted profiles have the same volume as before. Even when I turn the volume knob (NOT Master Volume) all the way up, it is not enough. I did not modify Clean Sens.

    Clean Sens = 6.8
    Dist. Sens = 0.0
    (Low Output Strat PUs)

    Do you have any ideas what I could have done wrong? :/ I need it live tomorrow and though that updating would be okay, but ... :S

  • I'm a beginner too! :D

    I did 2 or 3 reboots and the problem was gone ... no idea what it was but it never happened again ... now it's a myth because nobody else could observe it. ;)

  • Yeah that's a common response in these here Kemper discussions. It's called bad initialization procedures or something is randomly overwriting parameter locations used in the audio processing blocks. Both are not very nice.