Main output EQ -anyone pushing the presence?

  • Hi all,

    I'm several months into owning an unpowered toaster, admittedly with not much time to experiment. Main purpose is for direct recording into an Apollo Twin and imac running Logic to Adam F5s.

    For the longest time I've been wondering if there's something wrong with my Kemper or it's setup -pretty much every profile I tried (including a bunch from MBritt, TAF and TopJimi) sounded on the dark side of murky, even with a lot of cab swapping. I'd resorted to finding direct profiles and loading an ownhammer ir in logic to get something usable. Workable but I'd have to use cabmaker to get everything in the box.

    Finally I experimented with the main output eq (yes I'm slow at all this). I found that pushing the treble a touch and the presence to around 3 o'clock got everything into the realm of being usable. Finally! Breakthrough!

    My question:

    Is this common for users to do?
    Or could there be another thing somewhere in the Kemper that's bringing the murk prior ro the main output eq?

  • I'm still new too, but here are a few things I have figured out:

    • Hold down the "output" button and then set the pure cab to 10.
    • On a profile, hold down the amp button and then set definition to 9.2. I say 9.2 because at 10 you lose some grittiness, but below 9 you get less presence.
    • On stomp 4 or the X button, press and hold it, then use the browse button to find the "EQ - cut thru the mix" control.

    These significantly increased clarity for my stuff.

    Also guidorist's profiles are the clearest I have heard.

    I usually set mids to +.3, treble and presence to +1. If the presence is too high, you will start getting fizziness.

    You can also try the low pass filter on the EQs like that cut through the mix thing. I'm not sure what is common, but I set it to around 55.

  • Thanks!
    I spotted purecab last night. I've got it set high as well.

    Definition -I find that quite subtle. But I'll definitely experiment with that alongside the main output eq to see what works best.

    Thing that's great about the output eq is it lifts all the profiles out of the murkiness.

    It's funny -I've persisted with the Kemper because I'm fairly certain it's user inexperience on my part and I know so many other great players get great results.
    But honestly if I heard my Kemper in a shop without tweaking it the way I have I'd be rating it alongside first generation modeling gear.