Rock / Metal Peavey 6505 MH Direct profile

  • My latest attempt at making a profile with the Kemper DI box. The profile contains no cab but works very well with other Kemper cabs. Make sure to use the Kempers EQ to your taste, not just having everything at noon. I have no idea how the profile sounds on a real cab as my Kemper is non powered. I created it strictly for recording. The goal being to make it very bright with the Kempers EQ (My personal taste)

    In the example below I used a STL cab from one of their packs.
    The Kemper EQ settings in the example are in the image (I am tuned to B, so your EQ settings might be totally different)
    Bass -1.7
    Middle -1.9
    Treble +5
    Presence +4.7
    Definition 6.8

    No post FX at all

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