Kemper Rack trade for Kemper Head

  • Hi all,
    I would like to trade my unpowered blackface Kemper Profiler Rack with the Kemper Profiler Head model instead.
    Since my situation regarding studio etc. has come to a different demand, I would like to make a trade.

    If you are interested, you need to live in a country inside the EU, because of the otherwise crazy import taxes.
    If some of you get back to me, I will of course provide pictures and other things you might wan't of the unit.

    The unit itself is like new, and has always been mounted in the rack. It works flawlessly, and manuals and receipt of purchause will be provided (it was bought in 4sound in Denmark).
    I actually believe that it is still under warrenty, but this I will look into if some gives me a reply.

    Since I'm not on the Kemper forum that often, but check my phone many times a day, you can also send me a mail for faster replies:
    [email protected] or [email protected].

    I hope to hear from you, and maybe we can help each other out :)

    Until then: may you all have a very pleasant day.

    With kind "Kemper" regards from Denmark,

  • Hello. I have 2 toasters and im willing to trade for a rack. I have both colors and it doesnt matter to me wich one i trade. Only thing i dont know is how we can trade them:) I live in sweden

  • Broen ... The Bridge, a (brilliant IMHO) Danish TV series about about a body found exactly in the middle of the Øresundsbroen. The Danish police had to collaborate with the Swedish police to solve the case. I was over there last week and it sprung to mind when I read your posts. Whacky, I know!
    Better go before the OT police arrive! Skål!

  • Andy_T-V: Oh I see ;) my brain didn't compute that first time around hehe.
    Yeah pretty good series actually, and the theme song also by "choir of young believers".
    I just thought that you where from Esbjerg, Denmark just as me since here in the city of Esbjerg, we have just got this big great new shopping mall with lots of shops inside, and it is called "Broen" as well since it is placed at the end og the railway station.

    Broen (danish) translated to english = "the bridge" ;)