Live performance tip - Monitor Output EQ

  • Did gigs this past week without my normal cab (Xitone MBritt). Because of a significant amount of travel, I just backlined a FRFR cab and was provided a Yamaha (not sure of the model).

    The band uses floor wedges, not ear monitors. Well, I immediately noticed that I could not hear myself even at ridiculous volumes. Needless to say, I was bummed. After the first night, I remembered that there was a separate EQ for the different outputs. I used the Monitor Output EQ and added Middle +3, Treble +1 and Presence +0.5.

    BIG difference!

    It wasn't my "dream tone", but it worked well. Oh, and I considered how I was sitting the mix at FOH; the engineer said it was great out front.

    So there you go, FWIW.

    Be Thankful.

  • I tried it in several positions, including on top of some amp cases to get it aiming right at my head/in my ears. I even had the monitor engineer add my guitar into my monitors, which were aimed right at my face. It was strange, and I was really bummed out. But adjusting that eq fixed it.

    I didn't ask, but I bet the other guys didn't have to run my guitar as loud in their monitors once I adjusted the monitor eq.

    Be Thankful.

  • Thanks for the tip.

    That’s one of the reason I like more and more IEM.

    My band mates getting louder and louder with their monitors on stage.

    Against fighting the volume with my in ears the overall sound is reduced and I can hear clearly my voice and guitar on stage. I would change all the time to IEM but we most gigs we dont have a FOH mix engineer. So I need a monitor to have a volume control.