Seamless slot change, Performance Mode?

  • Hi all,

    Ok, so I wonder what's the best way to deal with this. I'm trying to set up a simple performance in which I have a rig with lots of delay and reverb. I then switch to another slot which is exactly the same except for the values in the ducking and mix of the delay and rev. I know I can do this with morph btw and probably will but the issue I'd like help with is the clear sound of the performance slots changing.

    I can hear a clear little sound drop out / change as the performance slots change. It's nothing major but obvious. I have spillover on and I just want a seamless change in slots. I don't normally use the Kemper like this although I've had it for years, so this is the first time I've had this issue. I usually just have a performance slot per song and don't end up changing them while playing.

    Is this obvious change in rig slots in performance mode just something that everyone gets?

    Thx for any advice.