Pedals, pedals and more pedals

  • Hi all,

    I've been on this forum a while and had my Kemper for about 6 years now I reckon. However, I still love my one tube amp and pedals and I'm sure some of you are the same.

    I've made a few pedal demos and thought some of you guys might be interested.

    These are of my own pedals bought by myself for myself and the reviews are honest. This isn't about advertising, just trying to be helpful.

    Here's one of the EHX Triangle Muff Reissue:

    Others include Keeley Tone Workstation and D&M Drive, EHX Russian, Triangle and Opamp and a shootout between them, the Belle Epoch Deluxe, the Hudson Sidecar and Broadcast, the Quilter Interblock 45, the Friedman BE-OD, a Zvex Box of Rock and others.

    The reviews are in more detail on the blog at:

    As said, all of this is meant to just be helpful so hopefully someone will like these. If this breaks any forum rules in anyway, I apologise and you can just delete the post.