D.I. joy

  • Been away from my KPA for a couple of weeks due to some gigs and rehearsals I had where I had to use my evh 5153 rig.
    First of all let me say what a joy it was to play a few gigs where I got to open up the evh and it sounded wonderful. One of those experiences where its hard not to grin stupidly while doing so....
    Anyway, since getting back Ive been playing some of my DI profiles through my atomic frfr amp and 5150 cab. Its a while since I did this and Id forgotten just how great it sounds and 'plays' in this format.
    I did the profiles at crazy loud volumes and as a result the profiles really come into their own when played at volume, they are pretty spongy dull when played quietly.
    Im really looking forward to the arrival of the KPA amp and hope its powerful enough to power a 4x12 at good volume.
    Im looking forward to see those faces when I turn up with my little lunchbox and plug into the resident 4x12 :D

  • I use a .44 and love it. I wouldn't call it uncolored. I think if it like a nice Fender clean. I have used it with many modelers and have little problem getting a good sound from it.