Please Help! How do you actually save a favorite to your Kemper?!

  • I am new to the Kemper and I just have to say that it is way better than any other modeler that I have used, but I have searched the forums a bit but I keep having problems saving favorites to my profiler using rig manager. I make edits to a preset and get it just right and then try and make it a favorite for recording in my DAW. I use the rig manager and hit command+F. It says that it's now a favorite and then when I click to something else the name reverts back to the original name. Plus, when I set my browse feature on the actual Kemper to just sort through favorites, sometimes the favorites get saved there and sometimes they don't. It's very confusing

  • You either hold the RIG button on the front panel for about two seconds


    you open Rig Settings and tick the option Favorite on the first page


    you select Rigs in Rig Manager, right click and select Make Favorite.