• Greetings. I am in the process of launching a new website for Kemper profiles.

    You can download a free sample pack with 30 Profiles.

    The complete collection has 297 profiles (99 profiles per paid pack).

    The concept is profiling up to six amps simultaneously.

    Note that I have been working on this since April of 2018. Many of the profiles created were not documented and were originally only intended as part of the learning process for myself. As it turns out, many of these profiles were so good I thought I really should make them available. So here they are...


    multiRig Bootpack

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  • I actually stripped out all the information on what amps are in each profile. The process for the last few years of working on this has been largely experimental but I decided there were way too may great profiles to disregard before starting to offer packs with more details as to the amps. I really didn't have a set naming convention and didn't track much of what was specifically in each profile as I was thinking more in terms of experimentation. In the end, I decided to just give them numbers from 001 to 297 based on the gain. The actual naming convention is mR.BP.[xxx].[Clean]/[Crunch]/[Gain]. For example: mR.BP.297.Gain.

    I'm currently in the process of updating the website and adding sound examples to the web page for the paid downloads. Offerings in the future will have more info on the amps and signal path. I also play on making some videos covering that material in the future. One of the things I have found interesting regarding the rig is that some amps can be pushed and combined in such a way as to create something you wouldn't expect that amp to be able to do. For example, one of the heads in the rig for the current offerings is an Egnater Tweaker 15. Depending on what it's combined with and the way the Pultecs are set, it can have more of a metal sound than the Engle Powerball in the rig. In fact, some of my most favorite metal tones in the gain pack revolve around the Tweaker. Here's a shot of the rig as it was set for many of the profiles in the available packs...

    [Blocked Image: https://www.multirig.studio/image/catalog/mR-Rig1-1920.jpg]



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