Stage mstr volume not working properly

  • Hey all,

    Okay, so bought the stage about three months ago (as I also have the toaster for about three years so I’m pretty good with the basics, etc)

    Anyway, I got a problem now with the master volume on the stage as hopefully somebody has some insight.

    So when I manually turn the master volume on stage, the lights don’t move but it shows on the screen that the bar is raising and lowering and hear volume difference.
    As when I go up to the rig manager and and under “main output volume”, when I move volume knob in computer, it shows at the master volume lights go up and down on the profiler stage, BUT when I go back to the stage and spin master volume knob by hand, the lights on the Stage don’t move.

    Any insight would be great on how to rectify this.

    Peace, Jeff

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  • The Stage allows to assign the LED collar to one particular output volume (Vol. LED Collar in System Settings). Default is Main Output Volume. If you assign to an output, which is not linked to Master Volume, the collar doesn't follow the moves of the Master Volume knob.