Updating PowerRack via USB Stick

  • I have a Profiler Stage at home and a PowerRack + Remote Control for live gigs that I never take home.

    I updated my Profiler Stage today and made a backup. I have never done this before, but I plan to take the USB stick with me and update the PowerRack with the restore function.

    Question: does this work or do I have to live with surprises? To be on the safe side I will make a backup of the PowerRack on another USB stick

    Thank you for your answer in advance :)

  • Hi, Echoes.

    The backup/restore process does not update the operating system. You have to do that through Rig Manager or USB key.

    The backup/restore process will transfer all your Rigs and Performances, and some settings. There are a few things on the Stage that are not supported or configured differently on the Power Rack. You'll have to deal with those manually. I'm talking about pedal and switch assignments and Monitor Output source.