WTB - Stereo Ritter plate for Kemper

  • Yes-used. New(4ohm capable) or old model.8)

    I see you have a powered cab company as well. I have a 2x12 PRS cabinet and 2 Celestion F12-X200s that I want to convert into a powered stereo cab. I can cutout and mount the Camplifire 360 into the back panel of it. I here in New England USA and cannot find any stereo class D(Ice chipped) amps that would work out.

    I'm using a Camplifire 360 in my Kemper with 2 Kones in an old Marshall 2x12 cab. This other setup would be for my AXEFX3.

  • no disrespect, but the Celestions were in the same cabinet driven by the Camplifier prior to the Kone being released and it sounded great. I just wanted the ability to use imprints. I own 2 Friedman ASM-12s and they're FRFRs for guitar modeling and the Celestions sounded pretty similar to that "designed FRFR".

    I'm getting rid of the ASM and only want a stereo cab. Your stuff looks great but you're an EU country, the exchange rate is not in my favor and shipping would kill me.....so, I'll proceed with my plan. Tilman actually answered an email and helped me with a 8 to 4 ohm conversion with my older 360.

    Thanks for responding, but I don't really need the lesson when I've experienced the results already.

    Best of health and success in your endeavors.