Creating Impulsre Responses to use Kabinet / Kone with other modelers

  • I'm using the Kemper Kabinet and Kones for some time now and I really like it. Now I'm thinking of using it with other amp modelers.
    Did anybody already try to "extract" IR's from the Kemper to "translate" the Kone to FRFR or to all the possible imprints?

    I guess this should be possible tunring OFF all the effects and also the Amp section. Only thing activated would be the speaker in Kone mode. There would be than an IR for every possible Imprints plus FRFR.

    I think I will do this experiment as soon as I have time, but I wanted to alk if somebody has experience with that already.

    never thought that I would like the Kemper that much...! 8|