Effects no longer switchable

  • Hello, my remote no longer shows which effects are stored on footswitches II- IIII to turn them on and off.

    I updated the device today, but of course this problem caught me cold on stage. Is the cause known, and how do I get it back to the way it was before?

  • Hi, Echoes.

    Have you powered down and fired up since you noticed the problem?

    Unplugged and reinserted the Cat-5 cable?

    Do you have a recent backup?

    If so, I would make another backup now (in case the next step doesn't help), and then restore from the previous backup.

  • I think, this is an user error. Conceptually, you do not store effects on those Effect Buttons. You store effects in modules and then you assign modules to the Effect Buttons I-IIII. These are two different transactions.

    I see on that picture, that your Rig "Run Like Hell" has

    - Chorus in module X in off state with assignment to Effect Button I

    - Phaser in module MOD in off state without assignment

    - Legacy Delay in module DLY in on state without assignment

    - Reverb in module REV in off state without assignment

    The state of the Effect Buttons and their LEDs is fully in line with the symbols on the screen. Only Effect Button I has an assignment. This might be different by Rig.

    Please consult the manual how the Effect Buttons work and get assigned.