Bought a Ground Control Pro...Need Help!

  • Hey all,

    I bought a Ground Control Pro to use with the Kemper Rack. I have no MIDI experience and I heard it was easy to program, so I gave it a try. Does anyone have any experience with the GCP with the Kemper? I can't get it to work in Performance mode. Ideally I could have 4 presets for channels and the other 8 for effects, but nothing works when I try to use it.

  • First : check GCP OS version, should be 1,13. ( Visible at startup )

    Then, search this Voodoo Lab forum. Lots of info :thumbup:…d2f2d5616c8b9f714004b081f

    For example this tread :…lit=gcp+and+kemper#p20566

    Tip, based on my own experience : When GCP connected with MIDI cable to KPA , start the GCP first before starting up KPA,

    otherwise KPA might "freeze" :rolleyes:

    OR have the MIDI cable disconnected at startup, then it doesn´t matter ... But connect started GCP only AFTER KPA is up and running :)

    Cheers !

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