Two or three tremolo springs?

  • Quote: "I don't have any tuning problems with a 2 point trem and 2 springs."

    I'm glad to hear that, and for sure two springs demands a high level of sensibility and discipline.

    Good Luck with your playing 8)

    Yes, that setup requires that the guitar be caressed.

    Thanks, but it's not a matter of luck, is it? But I get your point. ;)

  • Quote: “Thanks, but it's not a matter of luck, is it?

    I would never argue with anyone about that.

    I deem faith and belief to be far more important personally, but never-the-less it’s amazing how easily opportunities can be missed.

    Life utterly transformed by small events, chance meetings, momentary windows, fortuitous connections. A small rudder can turn it around a great ship.

    Ability, technique, creativity and musical competence does not necessarily equate to genuine commercial success in the music or entertainment industry, alas.

    “Business show is the way to think about show business” I heard a well-loved star of the entertainment world say. The ingredients for the realisation of outstanding accomplishment, seem haphazard to say the least.

    Cliff Richard got his break when John Foster went up to him after a gig and told him “I can make you a star”. He knew the folk that ran a club where talent scouts looked for fresh faces, and got Cliff to sing in front of people that could propel him to stardom.

    Cliff learnt much later that John Foster, was a lorry driver, in the local sewage works.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up!

    One of the U.K.’s top promoters grew up in the next street to me.

    One day he had a desperate sounding call from the manager of the largest local Theatre.

    They had booked a chart-topping big hit act, with all the tickets sold, but the band cancelled at extremely short notice, because of illness and there were no iPhones or text messages in those days, no way to inform the fans turning up, in two days, not to come.

    The theatre manager was completely beside himself. He not only feared refunding all the takings, but that thousands of disappointed fans would tear the seats out completely trashing the building. It was in that era. So, he asked my pal if he could come up with a replacement act, at very short notice. My pal said, “leave it to me”.

    On the fateful day, a fearful announcer told the audience about the hit bands illness, and said they had an alternative group to take their place, and requested they give them a fair hearing.

    Well, as it happened the group went down an absolute storm, the audience was totally delighted and the theatre staff palpably relieved, because not a single individual asked for their money back, and what is more the building was still completely intact.

    The group was very pleased too. They had received their first major exposure before a large audience, and their highest ever earnings to boot. The princely sum of £25 shared between the singer and his group. Not only that, but my pal visited the local all night wine shop and gave a bottle of Champagne to the lead singer.

    The singer told him: “You are the best manager I have ever met. I will never, ever forget you!”

    The singer was Robert Plant along with his group.

    It was their first ever major gig.

    A very good friend of mine was EMI’s head of Artist and Repertoire in the Netherlands.

    He had formerly been a top hit session musician whose records you know well, who later went into production.

    So, it was natural for him to put together some Dutch session musicians to back the artists he wanted to record. It was a very fortuitous meeting for them.

    Later, three of the musicians added an organist to their number and formed the group Focus, who went on to have a major hit with a tune called Sylvia and shot them to worldwide fame.

    Focus - Sylvia - YouTube

    A very close friend was a top session drummer and also very entrepreneurial.

    He had run “The John Barry Seven” for a while, when the late John Barry got his first break into scoring film music, but still had gigs for his band lined up.

    He was part of a group of musicians that backed a brilliant former session guitarist, recording and film star Joe Brown. Someone that the Beatles all looked up to, as he topped the bill when they first toured and always stayed good friends thereafter.

    I ll See you in my dreams - Concert for George - YouTube

    Joe was a headlining act and as a former session player, knew all the best musicians around. He insisted on getting the very best in his backing group as he wanted to sound better than everybody else, and insisted that his musicians didn’t play with any other act. He was very strict about that.

    He decided to have a holiday and get away for a while, relaxing. This left his musicians without work for a little while. My entrepreneurial pal scoured the entertainment industry magazines, and found a theatre in the north of England advertising for a backing group, for an array of singers for their variety shows.

    So off they go, out of the way of their usual haunts to the north of England and after a day’s rehearsal the line-up of artists were excitedly ready to perform with these top backing musicians, on stage. The curtain finally went up and guess who was sitting with his wife in the front row of the auditorium, but Joe Brown! He sat there looking annoyed throughout the entire show and then went completely APE!

    So, while I would never argue with you: “that it’s not a matter of luck”.

    It does run contrary to my experience and that of my pals. 😊

  • Keep in mind that with 2 springs you could possibly achieve the same amount of tension as with 3 springs that are not screwed in as much (for lower tension).

    I find I can get the same results with 2 or 3 springs easily (also using 009-042 gauges).

    I prefer to setup my vibrato units according to Carl Verheyen's setup routine.

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    Certainly interesting. Though not a very descriptive video. How to arrive at those intervals? Seems like a hard balance to strike between action and bridge angle?

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  • Certainly interesting. Though not a very descriptive video. How to arrive at those intervals? Seems like a hard balance to strike between action and bridge angle?

    as it happens, my guitar with 2 springs has that setup. It’s another reason I want to try it on others

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