Help: Kemper Stage takes unwanted audio signal from PC

  • Hello everybody,

    Since a recent update of the Kemper Stage, my audio setup isn't working the same as previous.

    While the PC (Windows11) audio signal is connected to channel 1 on the mixer using USB, the Kempers signal is on channel 2 (Jack).

    But, when I have connected the Kemper to the PC using the USB cable, the Kemper takes the PC audio signal and is routing it together with the guitar signal to channel 2 on the mixer. Channel 1 is dead at that time. A mix between PC audio and Kemper audio is no longer possible. As soon as I have disconnected the Kemper USB, everything works as it should.

    Am I too stupid to handle or are there some settings, not found yet?

    Thanks for any hints,

  • Solved, the problem was, that Kemper was set as the Standard Audio device. Setting up the normal USB on the PC as Standard-Out will solve the problem.

    Thank you very much for your much appreciated support and have a good time.