USB signal too hot

  • I installed the latest 9.0 beta, to spend some time with the USB audio feature. I'm using Reaper as DAW.

    My problem is that the signal Reaper gets from the Profiler is way too hot and always peaks. I'm not sure how I can configure that on the kemper side. As Rec source I have Master stereo, and on Reaper as input I used stereo input 1+2 (I have a kemper rack btw).

    I tried lowering the Main Output volume but that didn't make any difference. I would expect a similar USB Output volume or something, I'm not sure. Do I miss something? Any ideas?

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  • I though about this, but on the other hand the sound I get through direct monitoring with headphones, or through the main Output is at the right level.

    So what you suggest is decreasing the Rig volume and increase the Headphone and Main output volumes?

  • Yep :thumbup: Get the sensible headroom right on USB, and you should have the same headroom at all analog outputs when set to 0dB (You may obviously need to lower analog outputs, depending on the receiving end).