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    Hi all, quick question. I really love the ambient spacey sounds I can get with the reverb presets in Kemper. But it can get pretty muddy at times in the auditorium of the church I regularly play in. Any suggestions on how to reduce the lows in the reverb itself without impacting the actual amp sound? This particular preset has settings for high damp, bandwidth and mid frequency. Would one of those do the trick? Thanks!

    I don't find that the definition control affects the highs as much as many make it out to. I mean it does, but it seems to affect the feel too. The cab controls, EQ or LPF would be my go to. I'll use the global LPF. That way I can shift the top end on everything, save it as an output preset then go back to "normal" with a less bright EQ'd P.A. And it's a quick fix.

    What if I don't want to impact everything with a global low pass filter? If I have several profiles that are perfect and one that's a bit bright, and I want to switch between profiles in a set, what would you recommend?

    What's your go-to control to cut highs in the Kemper if you're going through a PA and your profile sounds a little bright? In the PA I typically play through the soundguy has my channel really optimized for the profile I typically use. I'm trying out a new profile and it's a bit bright, and I don't want to have to ask him to readjust my channel in the PA because I'll be switching back and forth between these profiles. So I need a tool to cut the highs in the new profile without taking up an additional effect block (I hope!) and without impacting the highs in the other profile I use. Thoughts? Should I just use the treble knob in the amp block? Is there anything in the cab block that might be more effective without really compromising the sound of the profile?


    Hi all, I have a vox profile from ToneJunkies I truly love that I'm using in our church's worship team. I think it's called Stu's favorite, or something like that. Sounds great clean and overdriven. I have three different rigs in one performance loaded with it. One with just a tad of the Kemper pure boost, a second with a bit more pure boost and a third with a lot more. It produces a very natural sounding overdrive which I like, and I love how switching between presets just sounds like a very smooth transition. The transitions aren't jarring at all, because it's the same amp profile just with different amounts of boost. I don't have to worry about amp profiles with different eq voicings, and different sounding mics, and different sounding mic placement, and differences in phasing, etc etc. My quandary is I really need one setting of just flat out rock power chord distortion sound, but it needs to be something that won't sound so radically different than the vox that the transition sounds odd. How have you guys handled this kind of thing? Just pick a marshall profile for that fourth rig and live with the slightly jarring transition? Find a distortion preset you can live with and just add that on? Use an outboard 'marshall in a box' type of distortion pedal? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

    Hi all, is it possible to activate the looper of the Kemper Stage with an external footswitch or possibly a menu selection? For now, I'd like to assign an effect to the looper button, since I don't use the looper live, and then have the option of activating the looper with an external switch or through a menu when I'm at home. Thanks!

    Hey there, unfortunately when I hit Store in performance mode it isn't storing correctly. I did it just as he demonstrated in the video and it still shows the edits as temporary. It doesn't save them permanently unless I export out the rig and then hit store. Any ideas on what the issue could be?

    Hi, brand new Stage owner here. I have a question about editing rigs in Performance Mode. It seems that when I load a rig into a slot in Performance Mode and try to make an edit to the rig while still in Performance Mode, I have to export out the current rig to the rig pool and then hit store to store the edit. If I store the edit without exporting it to the rig pool, the E symbol remains lit on the right side of the screen, which according to the manual, means the edit has not been permanently stored. Is this normal?