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    I actually have no affiliation with the people who are making the hat. Mine was a personal order for one hat.

    I was mainly sharing because I had been looking for a hat for a while and never found a good option until now, and I figured other people might be in the same boat.

    If Kemper would prefer for me not to wear apparel promoting their product, I will happily cease and desist.

    I know they do not offer apparel, so I am not cutting into their revenue by pursuing a 3rd party solution.

    That being said, in all seriousness: Kemper team, let me know if this is unacceptable.... And if it is, please make us a hat!

    You can on the toaster/rack, but not the stage.

    ah, that would explain why I haven't seen this option.

    Sounds like it would be a nice addition to rig manager then. At least the capability exists in the toaster/rack, which means they would not be starting from scratch to build this in rig manager.

    I would personally love to see a feature that allowed me to save specific signal chains.

    I am always building out sounds for songs, and I find myself using certain presets regularly.

    Currently the best way (that I know) to do something similar to this using the "lock" function. You find a particular rig you have saved with the desired signal chain, then lock everything but the amp section. Move to your desired amp then save everything before unlocking the rig.

    We have the ability to save specific stomp/effect presets, why not have the ability to save an entire signal chain?

    It would help streamline building performances.

    I am fairly new to the Kemper, as I have had my Kemper Stage for about 5 months. So if this exists already, feel free to enlighten me.

    Why are you so concerned about this? Of course there will be a solution for Android as well. Do you really expect it to be an Apple-only device :/ You must know very little about commercial logic. Android is the leading OS in phones and tablets these days. A company will of course by default not consider to do it without including Android to their solution. Patience is key. Haven’t you learned anything being a Kemper owner? ;) There is obviously some stuff that needs to be sorted out with the Android solution. Otherwise it would probably have been released the same day as for Apple.

    Patience and faith, my friends :) And btw…..Denmark just went on to the quarterfinals. Let’s ALL celebrate ;)

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Cristoph has consistently said that there will not be Android support since the iPad app was released.

    Like you I think it is only a matter of time, but I'd like to show the desire for Android support from the community to help this project get prioritized.

    Like all of you I love my Kemper (only had it for about 4 months now), and the support is unparalleled. Android support would be great. Glad those who use apple products have support now, it gives me hope for Android support in the future.

    Again, feel free to show your desire and support for an Android Rig Manager app. It would be great for those of us unwilling to live in the Apple ecosystem.

    I am wondering what it would take for Kemper to consider supporting the Android platform with the wireless rig manager. We know that the answer is a "no" currently, and that Apple's iPad is the only supported device today.

    But what would it take to make it happen? Would love to hear Christoph's thoughts/comments on this. In what situation would we see Android support?

    Please show your support by commenting below if you want Android support at well.