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    I'm a developer actually... This would not be hard to implement. We are really only just asking for a field in Rig Manager that indicates if it is Liquid or not. It is getting a little old with all the various acronyms being used in the rig title section. It would also allow for an easy search against all other profiles to see just the Liquid ones. Just add it as a column you could turn off and on in the middle section of Rig Manager and base the fill against it being a Generic Amp or one with a Tone Stack. Not rocket science. Now whether they do it or not is a whole different thing. It was just a request.

    I actually made this request when Liquid first came out. To be fair, I have been falling back to my regular profiles. I like Liquid Profiles, but I have many other ones dialed in that work just as good if not better. So for me, this is less of a priority now. Just a nice idea to have a searchable field (like a check box etc...) in rig manager to identify if it is one or not.

    I have been making some liquid profiles, just not enough for a full pack just yet. It's a different animal and while it is really cool when the tone stack models match the amp, it can also be a bit of a moving target if they don't match. For instance, a Matchless is similar to a Vox but it doesn't sound truly accurate with the Vox tone stack. And sometimes profiling at the recommended settings returns a profile with really low definition and it doesn't "sound" just like I think it sounds at the eq settings I prefer. So it's super awesome when they turn out but can also sound a little iffy depending on the amp. That being said, it's just another tone-shaping tool to me. I think it works great on some amps and on others I really miss the midrange from the generic eq. So I just pick and choose what sounds best. It will be coming soon, though... It's just been a busy year of touring so I've been gone a lot.

    I had actually wondered about this. There are a lot of folks putting out Liquid Profiles of amps that there is no tone stack for and I wondered how accurate they really are. I know you can get close, but I would prefer something more accurate rather than a "good enough". Can't wait to see what you got in the chutes.

    Totally agree on this! If this was out when I got my Kemper a few years back it would have been all I needed!

    I see what he is getting at. Phaser Vibe is the correct effect, but there is no smooth tempo change and there is no way to actually disable tap tempo. So the short answer is yes, you can change the tempo with a pedal, but it is not a smooth change like my DejaVibe, it does it by beat count (rate). The Deja and Uni Vibe have a speed control that is literally just that.

    I meant what Kemper effect are you using and trying to morph? I have a Deja Vibe and can control the speed but the Kemper is a little different and there really isn't a "Uni Vibe" effect. You can use the Phase Vibe or Chorus Vibrato that will get you close.