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  • Hello Mike. I Just purchased smooth pack but i Got a Maximum devices reached. Contact the vendor to add more devices, message. Please help. Danijel


  • Hey Michael! I hope you're enjoying a Middle TN Sunday as I am! Hey, what PA speaker do you recommend that can bring out the best in a KPA? I have the Kabinet and LOVE it for the stage, but our Behringer 12" SRM 550s sound ugly at FOH. I need a good solution to cover a couple of guitars, bass, four vocals, and electronic/sampled drums. The B-ringer subs we have seem to be adequate. Thanks for any advice, and take good care of yourself. Cheers.

  • Hello Michael,Hello Michael,

    I am new to Kemper and am looking for a profile pack to get me going for live performances.

    I play in a couple of bands that provide a mix of old country, new country, and 70's-90's rock. I have been using a Dr. Z Maz 18NR and a fridge door sized pedal board but the weight has gotten to my tired spine so the Kemper needs to get up and running... Trying to save some time so I thought a pre-made performance would get me going quicker. Any help you can provide guiding me to the right performance pack would be appreciated. PS if it helps, I primarily play a Tom Anderson Hollow T (G bender equipped) and CS Strat. And we do cover a Lonestar song...You walked in. Thanks!

    All the best,

    • I've been very partial to the 2020 Pack or Grab n Go pack for pre-made performances. Just go to mbritt.com and listen to the clips and see which ones sound the most like the tones you are looking for. Most of my packs contain a variety from clean to lead tones, so it's just a matter of getting those with different amps.

    • Thank you Michael, I really appreciate you taking the time to help out. All the best.

  • Hi, like to ask you if you have any recommendations on how to dial your 800 pack? i would like to use the Marshall jubilee, but i noticed that most of them are dial for humbuckers and i would like to use my Suhr tele with single coils, thank you.

  • Hi Michael, I hope all is well. I was curious as to whether you have had a chance to try out the new Powered Kemper Kabinet, and how it compares to the ValveTrain Power Train 50. The price is definitely compelling, but wondering if a solid state can really compare with the tube in your opinion? Thanks regardless!

    • I haven't been able to get one yet. I finally got a Kemper Kab (unpowered) and I like it a lot. If I a/b it with the VT I tend to like the VT better, but both would work. I suspect the same will happen with the powered Kab. It won't stop me from getting one and probably using it. But while it's certainly not necessary for good tone, the tube power amp in the VT feels really nice.

  • Hi Michael! Are there any coupons for the crank n go pack? Just came back to Kemper and would like to A/B these with my real SLO 100 amp. By the way I will do a YT video and post some results in the forums



  • Hey Michael - when I go to your website, Norton anti virus blocks your web site as a "known dangerous web site". Just an FYI.

  • Hi, you have ever profile some supro?

    • There are some in the BoC pack, the Thunderbolt and Corona I believe.

  • New to Kemper (covert from AxeFx) My band opened for you 2 times at the Rodeo Club in San Jose Ca your tone and guitar playing is superb! So i bought my Kemper from British Audio with alot of your Profiles (thanks for the great profiles)i was up and running quick! Im in a touring Tribute band Tennessee River Tribute to Alabama your profiles are perfect for this Thanks!

    • Thanks! So glad the profiles and Kemper are working for you!

  • I’m new to the Kemper and am enjoying many of your commercial and free profiles. I’ve bought Profile Pack 1 and the 800 Pack. I’m now looking for a good set of rigs for Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, particularly the Strat tones of Ed King and Steve Gaines. Do any of your profiles have some amp/cab combos ideal for those tones using single coil/tapped pick-ups? I’ve found several Marshall tones that work for the Rossington/Collins type tones. Thanks so much!

  • Hi Michael,

    I could have sworn while doing research for the mbritt Xitone that somewhere in a kemper forum post, you mentioned that you used your Mbritt Xitone in some way now for profiling or profile tweaking. Is that correct? Got in a discussion on TGP regarding this. Thanks man, hope you’re doing well.


  • Hi Michael, ordered the Xitone 1x12 MBritt cab (w/ the Dayton amp) with Mick a couple of days ago - one question you might be able to answer: Does the toaster version of the KPA fit on top of the cab without "rocking" (sitting) on the the handle? Many thanks, Wolf.

    • Yes sir. That's one of the things I made sure of. The feet of the KPA sit outside of the handle cutout.

    • Great - thanks a lot ... looking much forward to receiving that cab :)

    • I hope you like it. It's still the closest thing to perfect that I've found for making Kemper loud.

    • Thanks Mike ... pretty sure I will - bearing in mind that I use almost exclusively your profiles ... we seem to have a very similar understanding of what we look in the response & sound of a amp :)

    • Hi Mike - received my Xitone MBritt cab yesterday & after playing it all night I have to say - this cab is something else!! I tried several powered cab options with my Kemper over the last 3 years, but this is now just sonic bliss ... for now I settled on DSP mode 2 with the port open (which I believe is the mode you developed with Mick from Xitone - what a great guy he is!), Cheers,

  • I bought the 800-mars-pack. Awesome ! What is the pure cab setting recommended for this profiles ? thanx

  • I'm loving the 69 Marshall through my 4X12 . I'm looking forward to The Recto . Thanks Michael.

  • Hi Michael. I'm a big fan of your work and your profiles. Honestly, until I heard and subsequently purchased your profiles, I was starting to regret my Kemper purchase. I use a lot of your profiles straight out of the gate for recording and live. I recorded a little ditty that I wrote that I'd like to share with you. I used my custom made Tele with your Dr Z Prescription on the right, your 68 Deluxe on the left and your 3P AC for the solo. I hope you dig. Massively looking forward to your next pack and thank you.

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  • Giving up 'til tomorrow, mate. I can't start a thread on this, nor can I post in an existing one, and believe me, I've tried everything now. Hopefully tomorrow it all works again. The pack is the Modern one, by the way; the order # is 1xx76073xx598551x (letters omitted) placed by my cousin Andy ([email protected]). This could be enough for you to go on, but as I said, I'll try again tomorrow. This is so embarrassing. Sorry mate.

  • Mike, I've attempted to post a response to you for the past 2 hours, 4 re-writes in total. The forum either loses the message or censors the entire thing! Just letting you know - I'll keep at it through the night...

  • Hi Michael. I purchased Profile Pack 2 from your website but I'm confused by the mismatching of the rig names with the ones you used on the sample page. Could you tell me which rig corresponds to "Fuelz Ch1 Brt?". I'm also trying to identify "CustOdian" and "CTone". Thanks.

    • OK... I think the Fuelz must be the Diezel Ch1. Am I right?

    • Sorry, don't know how I missed this. Yes, Fuelz is Diezel. CustOdian is Custom Audio OD100, CTone is Ceriatone Overtone Special.

  • Michael I mentioned you to Jackson Ampworksand they'd like to connect to you can I help make that happen or is Facebook the best way

  • I'm not sure. Did the midi channel get changed? I'm just brainstorming… possibly the cable, possibly re-boot both, check that the cable is plugged into the MIDI OUT of the GCP (I've done that before) to the MIDI IN of the KPA. I'm not sure other than those things.

    • Ben at Voodoo Labs straightened me out with the GCP. I had mistakenly done midi out to in from GCP, then the reverse from the KPA - as in 2-way communication, which it doesn't do. Removing the 2nd cable fixed everything.

    • Ben at Voodoo Labs straightened me out with the GCP. I had mistakenly done midi out to in from GCP, then the reverse from the KPA - as in 2-way communication, which it doesn't do. Removing the 2nd cable fixed everything.

  • Your profiles sounded great live last night! The Ground Control worked perfectly... only today, it doesn'! All the lights and preset names change as I programmed them, but no activity occurs on the KPA! What? I plugged my FCB1010 using the same cables, and it works just fine. Defective GC or something else do you think?

  • Jay, got them sent out. Let me know if they didn't go through.

  • Got 'em thanks!

  • Just a login address. My actual email is [email protected]. Could you please send the profiles to that address. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks Jay

  • Hi Michael, I just purchased your profiles but my paypal email address is