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    I typically set my tuner @ 0 volume so I never use the Tuner button on my Kemper Stage. At some point during a show this past weekend, I looked down and saw a notification that tuner reference pitch had changed. I'm not sure if the left softknob got bumped while my volume was down and tuner was active, but it took me a while to figure out what was going on and in the heat of battle I wasn't sure how to fix it right away.

    The potential bug I see is that when the expression pedal is down all the way and volume is at zero and the tuner comes up, if the reference pitch is not 440 then you have two softbutton choices: Default 440 hz, and OK. The problem is that hitting the Default 440 Hz button does nothing but make the screen go away. It doesn't fix the tuning reference. If you hit OK, then you just verified that you want the new (wrong/unintended) reference pitch.

    Upon thinking about it after the show I came up with the idea of hitting the Tuner button. It pulls up the same screen with the same two options, but the Default 440 hz button actually fixes the reference pitch as intended and all is right with the world.

    I think what may be happening is a conflict between commands while in tuner @ zero mode: 1. when tuner is at zero you can tune, but if you hit any/another button it makes the tuner window go away so you can make edits and such to fx slots, etc. 2. hitting Default 440 button isn't getting through because of the 1st "rule".

    The current workaround is just to use Tuner button to access the Default 440 reference pitch correction, but it seems like having the option to hit it in tuner @ zero mode should also work, but doesn't.


    Hey everyone,

    Just a head's up. My email server has decided to erase my entire inbox for my website email in the past two days. I'm working on it diligently with my hosting company but the [email protected] email is currently not working. If you have any difficulties and need customer service, you can email me at [email protected]

    Sorry if you have emailed and I have not gotten back to you, but that is why.

    thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


    I have been making some liquid profiles, just not enough for a full pack just yet. It's a different animal and while it is really cool when the tone stack models match the amp, it can also be a bit of a moving target if they don't match. For instance, a Matchless is similar to a Vox but it doesn't sound truly accurate with the Vox tone stack. And sometimes profiling at the recommended settings returns a profile with really low definition and it doesn't "sound" just like I think it sounds at the eq settings I prefer. So it's super awesome when they turn out but can also sound a little iffy depending on the amp. That being said, it's just another tone-shaping tool to me. I think it works great on some amps and on others I really miss the midrange from the generic eq. So I just pick and choose what sounds best. It will be coming soon, though... It's just been a busy year of touring so I've been gone a lot.

    For all of you new Profiler Player users, here is my pack of tones for the little guy!

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    Profiler Player Pack 1 – M. Britt Profile

    Quick question, what do the "MB" profiles mean on some of the newer packs? I didn't see anything in the documentation or discussions. Thanks!

    Usually it indicates an edit that I just did for myself, such as one of the 79 Twin rigs with the screamer stomp on. I wanted to save it that way because I was comparing it to a gained up rig and didn't want to have to keep turning on the screamer stomp over and over. Other than that I would have to look at the rig and figure it out. Usually it's just an edited version I was happy with.

    I just bought the Crunchy pack. It's great again. I have a question @MBritt.

    New Liquid profiling feature is coming. Which tone stack do you recommend for the amplifiers in this pack?

    Thank you

    It just depends on what the amp is and if there is a matching amp model. I may still use the generic stack for Marshall type amps because I feel it gives me more flexibility in tone shaping but I'm not sure yet. I haven't been brave enough to convert my on-stage Kempers to Liquid Profiling firmware yet.

    What is the BlankPlex please?

    Blankenship Plexi. Please forgive my inability to come up with non-trademarked names that make sense. Friedman Steve Stevens 100 is Freed SS100 amp. Bog 3534 is the Bogner Ecstasy 3534 amp. EVH 5150 Iconic is EVH Icon amp. Soldano and Mars are pretty easy to guess.

    Mike, bought the last 2 packs. The Cruchny Soldano 30, Freidman, and Marshalls are killer. Well played my friend.

    Is Lonestar ever going to make it up to the Tupelo in Derry, NH again?

    I'm not sure when but I'd bet we'll be back up there eventually. Thanks for the kind words! Hope you like the packs

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    Just released my newest pack of 6 amps: Soldano 30, Marshall Studio Plexi 20, Friedman SS100, Bogner XTC3534, and EVH 5150 Iconic...

    I can't do that type of playing justice so I enlisted my buddy Chris to shoot the demo. Let me know what you think.

    Thanks so much for the insights lonestargtr. Cool stuff and nice to see what you prefer out of that universe of great profiles you have at hand :thumbup:8)

    That SS100 you mention is that the BE100 with your tweaks for SS which you explained in one of your blog entries some time ago or something else? Don't remember that I've seen the SS100 in your packs but maybe in the small handful which I am still missing :/

    It'll be in my next 6-Pack available soon, along with an EVH Icon, Blankenship Plexi, Mars Studio 20 Plexi, Soldano 30

    Yeah, I use mostly my own profiles. I did use a modified Don Peterson stock profile for one of the wacky sounds on our new recording of "No News" but I changed the amp stack to one of mine and altered some of the levels of the fx.

    People ask me which profiles I use and some have been pretty consistent over the years, but every 6 months or so I start questioning if I'm using the "best" profiles for the job so I will do a lot of comparing and trying out, especially after I've made more new profiles. I've found that I have a few basic sounds I have to cover and here are some of the rigs I've used to cover those sounds:

    clean(ish): 3P Black Cln, Morgan RCA 3, BMaster, Gram SSS, 79 Twin, MeBo MKiii

    light gain: usually one of the above but with a Pure Booster or Green Scream or Kemper Drive added for grit

    mid gain rhythm: 3P Black D9 (klon), BMaster (nobels), MeBo MKiii, Match C30, Vox AC30, 79 Twin (Green Scream), Custodian PT

    lead gain: 72 Mars, 68 Mars, Friedman SS100, 5150III, MeBo MKiii

    Also, I usually use the profiled cabs on most of the clean tones, but as the gain goes up, if I hear too much tonal difference or feel like the bottom or low mid drops out I will try a couple of my favorite cabs on the gain rigs. There is one in particular that I use a lot for many of my live performance rigs. I use the same cab most of the time when profiling but the Kemper algorithm that decides what is the cab and what is the amp creates slightly different sounding cabs with every profile. One of those I just find particularly pleasing and it works well sonically with the band. I would say that most of my mid to high gain tones use that cab unless I'm really just going for a "different" sound like on our cover of "In The Air Tonight" where I want that mesa grind.

    I've thought about putting out my live rig performances but people would probably be taken aback by how much fx I have on them. Out of context, there is a lot of delay and such. But in context and since I program everything to the exact tempo of each song, the delays kinda disappear and I have to run the mix higher to hear/feel them where I want. But listening to them in isolation they sound pretty effected. If you play those rigs on a different tempo song it would sound cluttered I would think.

    Look forward to seeing you at the show!

    Indeed,great tones for all pickups. Smooth,the name is program.

    Load the pack and stay with the first profile for hours,nuff said ;)

    Thanks guys! I forgot to post this here. I've been having a few minor issues with web site stuff so I am a bit scattered. I think there are some really good nuggets in this new pack. I've been using some of the 63 Bandmaster rigs on the road for the past 6 months or so and they sound great. And just a few weeks ago I swapped out some long time faves with the Boogie Mark III profiles. And I've never been a fan of Twin Reverb amps but the '79 I picked up on a whim at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville shocked the heck out of me. It can get eerily close to a D Steel String Singer for clarity and punchy clean tone. Let me know your faves if you get it.

    Noticed the EL84 pack today. Are the C30 profiles new or are these the same profiles you had from a while back of the C30 just in this pack?

    They are new profiles, not the same ones as the previous packs. It is the same model of amp so there are some similarities but all new profiles.

    Thanks! Glad they're working for you!

    lonestargtr: Hello Michael, which profilepacks would you recommend especially for humbucker pickups? I'm looking for clean-, crunch-, rock- and leadsounds. I appreciate your advice.

    My current faves would be 2020 and/or Crank n Go. The Crank n Go pack was dialed in more for humbuckers but there are tons of usable stuff for all guitars in 2020 and Blackjack packs.

    Michael, loving the new pack especially the SL68.

    one question, I notice on these new profiles that my P90 equipped guitars are really quiet even on higher gain settings. Are you doing something different in your profiling process that would account for this? I would love to get the same level of noise on my older profiles. Just curious.



    Not that I'm aware. I've tried these profiles with humbuckers and P90's and can't tell a discernible difference in level here. I'm not sure why that would be?


    We may have to get Michael to confirm, but it looks like the 62 Deluxe is in the Vintage Pack.

    that is true... profiles of that amp is in the Vintage Pack. I believe there are 4 profiles of that amp in the pack.

    As far as the Suhr SL68... I'll take that into consideration. It is kind of a one-trick pony as I couldn't get a lot of variation in the profiles so that's why there are only a handful in the new pack. I may do more profiles with some other cabs too, if I can gain access to that amp again.

    Hey all! I was kinda busy yesterday so I forgot to post about the new pack. The Blackjack Pack is my farewell nod to 2021 and it's all of my favorite profiles I've done in the last year, including profiles of a 77 Marshall JMP combo, Suhr SL68, Komet C30, Matchless Phoenix, Mesa Heartbreaker and 50 Cal, Shaw Tone Rod and Full Tilt, AC15, Rockman XPR, and more. Here is a demo video of some of the performances I created using these rigs. There are 7 performances included along with the 150 studio profiles. The introductory price is $25 for the first few weeks. Thanks and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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