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    Yes, I've found an old headphone with 6'35 jack so no adapter needed and same thing. I would like to know before I open a ticket if it could be a setting that changed through update that I missed. That said, my Kemper is not under warranty for a long time so I'm not sure if it's worth the price to send it for repair.

    I tried again. There's a little signal in the right channel but as there is a balance knob turn at something 80% left :(. I thought at the beginning there is only signal in left channel cause the presets I have tried are at low volume.

    I got the same problem with headphone. I tried 3 of them and I only have the sound in the left channel. When connected in S/PDIF to my sound card, I have the stereo but not with a headphone directly plugged in the headphone output. It has been a while I didn't use the headphone output but it seems to me at the beginning, it works with no problem (I bought the Kemper in 2012). Any change in parameters I missed ?


    I read on another forum that there were hardware changes since 2018 on KPA (I/O converters for example). It seems to bring a better feeling in playing the Kemper.

    Can I have a confirmation of this please ? I had one from 2012 so I will try a new one of it's the case.


    I used for the 1st time Rig Manager this afternoon cause it was time to make a selection of the rigs I use.

    I installed Rig Manager 2.0.17 and start copying the profils I have on the Profiler to the Local Library. No problem so far excepted that for some reason, I have no favorites anymore (rigs are here but not marked as favorites). Well, I started to delete rigs I never used in "MyProfiler" section and it seemed ok, it's written 96 instead of the 753 I had before deleting BUT when I started browsing the KPA, there are many rigs I deleted that still there...

    Now, when I launch Rig Manager (updated to 2.0.18 which fixes the bug about favorites... too late for me), it's written 96 but as it didn't delete the rigs on KPA (not all at least as it's written Syncing Rig 1 of 656), it starts the Sync and take a while.

    So, how can I "tell" Rig Manager to make the KPA matches the 96 rigs displayed in "MyProfiler" the Rig Manager; i.e, deleted the unwanted rigs ?

    EDIT : the rigs appear in KPA but I can't select them, I can select only the 96 rigs I see in the Rig Manager...

    OS of the KPA is the last official update (

    I would like to win time, it's the opposite.

    I asked the question cause with Master Output, the "poc" is barely noticeable while with S/PDIF, it's hard for speakers.

    I don't use my KPA all time so all my system is often on before I turn the KPA on but if it is something that can't be avoid, I'll turn off my speakers first ;).

    According to the Totalmix, the main output is set to -27.2, so, you can't hear sound in your speakers. Do you have feedback of signal in the SPDIF input in the 1st row of Totalmix ? If yes, just raise up the volume of the main output.


    with 2.5.0, when I go from "All Rigs" to "Just Bass", I have my bass rigs (tagged "Bass" by pushing the "Rig" button -> Edit Tag) as expected but when I'm going back to "All Rigs", rigs are all tagged with Bass. It's just a display bug cause when I go again in "Just Bass", I have just my bass rigs and by switching rigs (press buttons in different ways is more exact :P), I finally got my guitar rigs tagged with Guitar.


    I would like to know if anyone tried to reproduce the sound of the bass in Uprising from Muse ?

    I tried with a Transpose stomp (pitch -12) and a Muffin for the drive but I'm not 100% satisfied.

    If you have some tips or a profile please ?