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    It's been nuts here, doing Physical Therapy daily at home, and at the PT's office... and have to leave the day job to do that, then stay late at work to make up what I missed... plus gigs, etc. I'm still digging for that stuff we talked about. Also trying to find time to take profiles of my Friedman BE 50 DLX, Bogner XTC Classic, a vintage Marshall cab with RIC cones, a Alyn Meyer Komet Concorde clone, Rivera TBR-1 SL, a Harry Joyce Hiwatt 50, a few more Marshalls, Mesa JP2C, etc. Ain't enough time in the day! :)



    Is there any reason that these won't sound the same with OS 6.x or 7.x given that they were created back with 3.0? Do you have any plans to update them. I don't want to buy them today and then have buyer's remorse because an updated profile pack for this comes out in the near future. Thanks!

    My mesa Quad profiles were done from the direct outs on the Quad itself, no cabs or mics. Just take them and if you want, add your favorite cab/mic to them. No difference if you're running 3 or 6 or 7 or whatever. They aren't merged or anything. You'll have more effects like improved delays or reverbs to add to them for example, but the core tone is exactly the same. If you put version 3 of Kemper OS on your Kemper and loaded these, played them and then put the latest version of the Kemper OS on, there wouldn't be any difference in the profiles. Just the stuff Kemper has added since then like better effects and such.

    It's been awhile, Kemper-folk. Got my mitts on a Mezzabarba M-Zero and bought a Voodoo Modded master volume JMP/2204. Info and clips here:

    Seven clips in all of the amps, I mentioned not only what profiles I used but guitar and pickups too. Added some new tech to my profiles that I'm not quite ready to talk about yet but makes a huge difference. It's a different way of miking them up. You can hear the results.

    Anyways, give em a listen if you'd like.


    Link below has clips to an original song I put together real quick - all guitars were recorded with the Soldano Avenger pack. If you want high gain and clarity - meet the Avenger. I actually like this amp a little better than the two SLOs I had for raw tone - the Avenger lacks an effects loop, and this one was modded from the factory to have a 2nd foot switchable master volume, verified by me calling Mike Soldano. He even remembered the amp!

    My two cents... using a guitar cab is robbing you of a lot of the profile. Years ago I contacted mike soldano to get a recommendation of a better tube to put in my SLO - it came with sovteks. Mike said the guitar cab has a lot to do with your tone and he suggested trying different cabs and leaving the tubes alone.

    When you turn cab emulation off, you’re also losing how it was miked along with the sound of their profiled cabinet. It homogenizes your tones.

    One of my bands I use a guitar cab live behind me for a little extra volume onstage and a monitor in front. Eventually I’m going to make a guitar cab for my kemper that has frfr speakers in it.

    You are back on the saddle then?

    Yep. Never left, just didn't go forward much in the last year. I have a wad of tube amps to profile (some of which I don't see often) and upgraded a few things to improve profiles and workflow and stuff. I have an Alyn Meyers Komet Clone, Rivera TBR SL1, a handbuilt and tweaked Tweed Fender Deluxe, a gnarly sounding silverface Fender Super Reverb, a JCM800 2204, a '76 JMP Marshall, a blackface Fender Champ, and a few others I'm forgetting. The Bogner Helios was what really got me back out, that amp sounds GOOD. I replaced some of my live profiles with it.

    Thanks for the note. here are some answers.

    1. That's a pretty good idea. I'm really happy with how the XTC profiles came out using my '72 cab and my Bogner cab... but I like the idea. Let me ponder it.

    2. I have been including DO rigs because it gives you the ability, if Kemper ever updates the merged rig functionality, to 're merge' at a later date as all you need to make a merged profile is a DO profile and a regular profile. I'm not saying they are going to: There are just some differences that may be small to some but huge to others. In other words, the regular profiles and the merged ones usually sound a little different, and it's never "merged always sound better! or regular sounds better!" - they are just different. This way if anything does change on how Kemper does it (albeit with the same 'raw materials') then you can make your own merged profiles.

    3. Absolutely. Or anything else on my webpage. I'm sending them manually, so depending on what time it is here and where I am, there might be a slight delay to get the leftovers but you WILL get them. I email a zip file to the address you used to purchase the profiles. Easy peasy. Just finished mailing out ones to folks who bought today.

    Basically buy any profiles from me, I'll send you leftovers - some interesting profiles, most one offs, from amps that are pretty cool. Couple of Suhrs (ncluding one that he made two of), a Hiwatt I haven't profiled yet, etc. Details in the link. If you haven't been to the site for awhile, have some pretty interesting new amps and some more coming soon, God willing and the creek don't rise.

    I still think one of the biggest things is having enough studio space to mic your cab in one room, and monitor it in another with the Kemper and have it isolated enough so you can hear what you're doing without the live sound of your cabinet bleeding through. If you can't hear what you're doing, then you're missing the target and relying on blind luck to get a good profile, or at least what you think is a good profile. From there you can just use your time wisely - I can get a pretty good sound fairly quickly now, but ten years ago it took me awhile. I like offering the Direct/merged profiles because it adds to the value and versatility. Ever since merged profiles have been available though, I've offered the original profile, a direct version (same amp settings) and then a merged profile. This way if Kemper improves the way they are done, you have the raw materials to redo the merged profiles.

    how about VH's earlier Soldano/Eventide sound? :D

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