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    I don't know if this is correct. The main LED for output remains green. In the background & staggered off to the side is where a red LED can be seen. You can't really see the entire red LED. It's hard to explain what it looks like. Kind of like a crescent moon. In order to keep this red LED from appearing in the background the rig volume has to be turned way down. The manual says that the LED will change colors from Green, Yellow, & Red. Is the manual referring to the large Green LED or the crescent moon shaped LED's in the back ground. Would like to get clarification on this to be certain my input & output levels are set correctly.

    Your volumes and output levels are just fine as long as you are not getting audible clipping.

    The Output LED never went red though, and I assume the cab is last in the signal chain? I mean, it looks like some sort of clipping, but I'm curious where exactly.

    When I got clipping it was significantly louder than the tone's volume, so I don't really think this hard clipping, but could be that something is clipping in the chain. Better check ALL volumes twice (stomp volumes, effect volumes etc.) and also your Input settings!

    Please read the manual P. 18: Gain Knob and Input Button.
    If you follow the guideline, you will have a level-balanced unit and no red LEDs.

    The main cause for the output going red are clean sounds, that are volume compensated. The volume compensation is unique to the KPA. It gives clean sounds the same perceived loudness as distorted sounds.
    But clean sounds at that level can cause higher peak levels than distorted sounds, because the compression of the distortion is not present.
    This is the reason why the KPA could clip, but the POD not.

    Still, even when the input or output LED flashes red, there is enough of headroom, and a nice sounding soft clipping. Your sound will not influenced too much when going red.

    I understand now, thank You so much! :)

    Ok, no AGC in the Pod, then.
    But don't take me for such an idiot, please. I know how the Pad switch works on my Pod and in my opinion it proves nothing. It's more like a low / high input on a tube amp. But ok, I trust your knowledge, no AGC in the Pod.
    So how come that whatever pickups I threw at my Pod (from Dimarzio YJM that is ~100mV to EMGs that are around 1,5V) I never needed to adjust the Pad switch due to clipping, only maybe due to not liking the increased amounts of distortion? How come that never once in my life since I had Line 6 devices I NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER had any clipping issues with them at all? Is there a limiter then on the Input?
    I'm sure you know the answer, but then please, tell me, it would help me to stop creating my own technical theories ;)
    I'm not an engineer or a professional, but I have my own experiences with equipment.

    Can you name two or three of these devices having automatic gain control?
    Are we talking about portable recorders?

    Let me just tell you an easy one - Line 6 Pod X3 Live.
    I'm absolutely sure that my Pod X3 has AGC, because whatever I throw at it's input, it will never clip, and when I sustain a long note, I can definitely hear the AGC turning the noise up in the end.

    You haven't been too precise yet about the impact.
    What was it?
    Just a red flashing Output LED?
    That will not change the sound too much.

    No, of course, the clipping.
    What I'm saying is, most of the digital devices I've encountered in my life were doing AGC (automatic gain control) on the Input, so I wasn't aware that letting the Input into clipping a little would send the Output clipping a little, too.

    For some reason I can't quote... but anyways...
    Sure thing I checked them, sir. With everything set to zero I still get the occasional clipping with the Output led going red.
    Also, what I've figured out is the fact that the higher output pickups I feed this rig (even with the Clean Sens setup correctly), the more frequently I get the clipping.

    We have not found any support requests or rigs that you have sent to our support.
    Did you contact the support by the same email address that you are registered with?

    Let me explain how the internal levels are set:
    On any rig, if Rig Volume and Cap Volume and any other volume is set to middle position, it should not be possible to have the Output LED red, while the Input LED is still green or slightly orange.
    If you have a rig, that does not fulfill these conditions, then send it to us.
    If the Input LED gets red however, you should reduce Clean Sense in the Input Menu.

    I think so, yes, the same e-mail address.
    However, after talking to him on the phone, I've mailed Manfred personally about this issue, not the support, so he should have the rig and info.

    Hi guys!

    Here's my latest version of the rig, it's mostly based on the song "Ticks". Stomp B is a Compressor which should be on all the time, Stomp A is the fixed wah effect for the Verse tones, and the Mod slot is a tremolo set to more or less correctly with the original song's tempo.

    Here's my cover of Ticks with this particular profile:
    And here's the profile.

    I hope you'll like it as much as I do! Enjoy :)

    Edit: sorry about butchering the song, I'm still working on my country chops :rolleyes:
    Also, let me throw in my cover of BP's The World with roughly the same rig, it's just an earlier version of it: