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    I just replaced the U4K prom with the Eureka one and messed around for a while.

    From my point of view the Eureka is more user friendly.
    I am able to turn on & off all the stomps and all the effects, instead of having to go back to the KPA, as I had to with the U4K. I can also assign the left expression pedal CC assignment (almost) on the fly, which again I find very handy.
    Additionally, the other modes offered (Fav presets, Specials and the split mode) will find quite a few fans.

    I'll be playing quite a lot the next couple of days and I'll have a better idea of the overall functionality after the weekend.

    I picked up mine from the Post Office, just a few mins ago. It took exactly 4 weeks.

    I'm not sure if this was mentioned before, and for the UK based mates to know, there's a Customs fee (at least for the UK) of £12.5...

    It's been there since year(s) :D

    There's no hope, Gianfranco... ;(

    Next steps are:
    1. Take the wiki printouts door to door
    2. Have each user forcibly read the important sections immediately for at least 3 hours, while standing over their heads.
    3. If they don't comply, you confiscate the KPA and replace it with a Zoom


    Uno4Kemper arrived today, so it goes in first...Eurekaprom will arrive in the next few days
    I will give U4K a try and see how it goes and maybe have a go with the Eureka when is delivered.

    What's good is that there are 2 options out there which don't cost a fortune (each chip is....well, cheap!). From my point of view is a good trade off, as I am honestly waiting for the ONE...the actual KEMPER ONE.

    I ordered it 10:00 am (UK) today.
    I have to admit I am amazed by their responsiveness.... by 13:30 pm (08:30am at Pennsylvania) :!::!::!: a Saturday morning :!::!::!: and I received a confirmation email by USPS that the chip has been shipped :!::!::!:

    They must be living in the same building where the USPS branch is ;)

    I don't disagree with what you guys wrote, at all. Your reasoning definitely makes sense.
    Each one of us sees things with a different perspective, sometimes slightly different, sometimes very different.

    "First - it is an obvious contradiction saying a cheaper alternative would do the EXACT SAME job with "SOME COMPROMISE" - there would be no such compromise if it were the exact same job!"
    Well, actually there no contradiction there. The compromise, for example, is that the not so costly alternative may not have the small displays on top of each switch, but you can still do the job with stickers.
    Additionally, we don't have to have an argument for the sake of argument. ;)

    Simply put, I like the GT, I like its functionality (from what I could see in the video), I don't like its price.

    The pricing for both versions is ridiculously high, insane I may add.

    I can understand the small displays on each switch, the parts that are not plastic, the software and the OS effort they put in to make it easy and user friendly , but there's no excuse for such a high price.

    I have not bought the FSB, even though is a cheap temporary solution, waiting for the actual Kemper one to come out (in vain so far).
    So, when I watched the video I thought "Looks and seems quite good, now please tell me is around £400-500 and I'll put an order asap" and then I saw the real price...

    There will be some to buy it, yes.
    But no sane musician will pay as much as for a Kemper (and even more) for a floorboard, instead of buying a cheaper alternative that does the same exact job with some compromises and use the rest of the money to ,I don't know, buy a new guitar or some other gear or.... take his wife out for dinner for a change :P

    Well...I AM BACK :!::!::!:

    Not only I have a KEMPER again, I have MY KEMPER back!!!!

    My mate, who bought it from me last January, loved it but didn't have much time to spend playing!!! He was kind enough to "sell it" back to me (he got fed up with me complaining about how much I miss it and can't enjoy playing guitar through Guitar Rig, every time we met for a few cunning plan worked perfectly :P )!!!

    Anyway, I am VEEEEEEERYYYYY happy to be back and meet up with the OLD ;( and the NEW :thumbup: friends in the forum!!!!!!
    There's a lot of catching up to goodies....upcoming goodies...lots of new rigs!!!

    I haven't been very active lately, due to some personal matters that I needed to take care of. Sorry for that, but since there are some real gurus in here, I wasn't much of a loss :)

    Unfortunately, I had to sell my beloved KPA...
    Fortunately, it is at the the hands of a good buddy of mine, now.

    I hope my mate joins the forum in due time too (I'll need to contact support to transfer the serial No for him to register), but I'll certainly stick around, probably not as a full user.

    The wise Elders, Sages, Elfs e.t.c may remember my phrase "KPA, the inspiration is back!!!"
    Well, It's been 2 weeks without the KPA and I can assure you "the inspiration is soooo gone..."
    Since I don't have many things left I (tried) played a little with Guitar Rig, Waves GTR... ;(;( I just couldn't enjoy playing AT ALL.
    I am so spoiled since the KPA.

    I am definitely getting another KPA, as soon as I am up on my feet again, but this may take a while. :thumbup:

    It has been a great year, hanging out here with you guys!!!! I learned lots of stuff and had some really great laughs too!!!

    Kemper Team - Keep up the good work

    Friends - Keep on rocking and helping others


    The SaffirePro 24 (and the Liquid Saffire 56) is an excellent product, you shouldn't underestimate it compared to the Babyface. The additional 200 are due to the brand name, not because it's better ;)