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    FCB 1010 with Eureka here too and have NO issues and I play on a daily basis.
    I use both the Effects and the Performance mode, I have never got any error messages.

    I have both, tried them both and the Eureka is the one I go with.
    Even though the KPA doesn't come up with the "Connected" message, it's a very insignificant compromise. It is connected.
    Easier to use, pretty straight forward, with some additional features.

    So, what you say is that we need to be careful the following dates: July 10th 2014, January 21st 2015 and March 1st that correct, Nostradamus? :)

    Very funny stuff, Giogiogio4!!! Very well written!!!! :thumbup::thumbup:

    I understand it is a great product, no question there. I've had one previously (lunchbox) but I did sell it as I required a rack-based solution. That being said, it still is somewhat of a disappointment that this product has been out now for more than a year in the rack version and one still can't purchase one due to such limited numbers being made, at least in my area of the world. They don't go through a distribution network in my area. They come straight to each retailer in the chain. According to their head office as I have a friend working there, they have no idea when they arrive and no idea as to how many until they actually arrive. This is what I was told.

    I get it. It's a small company. It's made in Germany. It's quality stuff. Still, as a consumer, one shouldn't have to wait that long. I remember when I ordered my Lunchbox version in March a couple of years ago. I expected it would take a bit longer due to it being new. I ended up receiving it in September. That was almost 7 months but I considered that acceptable as it was new and there were approval issues, etc with regards to certification.

    Again, no hard feelings towards anyone. Just venting a bit. It is not like this product has not been out now for some time.

    I would quote Guitartone's post as a response, a couple of posts above yours PBGas...

    So where is your "area", just for the sake of the conversation?

    Good one, Timo !!!!!

    I don't think it's photoshopped...I am pretty sure Timo has the access and way to come up with KPA's screen messages!!

    I don't see the e-moticon definitions when I post from my android and I didn't realize that it was "cursing", but seriously, it's just an e-moticon, nothing to get excited about... I would never use any cus words in the text of a post on a public forum. Sorry If I offended anyone.

    Thanks for your response, glennfin ;)

    Ditto Raoul23.......... It's seems people will always find something to piss and moan about.

    I use the FCB1010 and the free editor/configuration software and it's great. Never had a problem and it's EASY to work with. I have absolutely no need for a dedicated foot controller from Kemper. Frankly, I don't see what all the fuss is about. :cursing:

    Seriously? "cursing"???
    I have rarely seen this e-moticon in this forum, even in the hottest flame topics...I would honestly suggest taking a look and understand the members attitude and the way most handle conversations in here.

    Now on to the subject...I cannot agree with Raoul's least not 100%. I don't think anyone is disloyal or ungrateful by expressing that he was hoping for something and it was just not least was not delivered now..

    I too have the FCB1010, but that does not mean I have to be happy using a bulky, cheap solution. On the other hand instead of paying big bucks to RJM, I would prefer to give it for a Kemper FB...Does this mean being ungrateful or trust to the brand and appreciation of the team's efforts and results?
    This way every issue, problem, "nice to have" feature reported are "moanings"?
    I believe is motivation to the Kemper team and an expression of the users really wishing something to be even more better. Some do it better than others, yes, that's true...but we are all in for the same make the most out of our Kempers. :)

    PS: In regards to the librarian... I am very happy with it, even though a mac user, 'cause now I know it'll come our way too at some point (since the Wins users will be our beta testers :D :)

    Mac user here and a little disappointed about the librarian but compared to no KFC totally bummed.

    Agree and I also believe that it's fine to sometimes cut the Windows users some slack...aren't they punished enough by using it? :D (please don't throw stones, I'm just joking)

    I am so gutted with the "no KFC" yet...deeply sad...

    It's big because the guys made sure to have all forum members' suggestions and feedback implemented on the floorboard.

    Each member will be able to identify his side of the pedalboard by the huge golden plate with his name engraved on it... :thumbup: