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    This post should be wiki'ed. Armin is an authority on all things KPA (including very very small nuances of the almost unhearable by anyone except dogs presence end of the spectrum) so I would trust him. And if you do get a KPA, be sure to check out some of his profiles.

    I (thankfully) don't hear or feel a difference and I feel bad for those that do as I know how these ghosts can drive one crazy. I wonder if this is one of those situations where people who play the same profile get something different out of the kpa. Hasn't that happened in the past in some situations like if someone had corrupt settings or a corrupt profile?

    Disclaimer: I am mostly deaf, completely tonedeaf and not too experienced. I am just some random person on the internet posting my personal opinion.

    Wow. Just wow. I feel like a schoolgirl when you and Armin come around. I was having so much fun with his Harvard profiles I thought I had died and gone to heaven. And then I break down in a moment of weakness and by this bundle. I flip around and hit the Vibrolux cranked profile and my jaw dropped. I still have not lifted it from the ground.

    Ugh. I was meaning to try out some of these Bundle IV profiles last night but I started noodling with the Harvard M02 Crunch+ profile and just couldn't get to the new profiles. This is the Fender nirvana that I had always searched for in a modeler. There's a snappy high end, great string clarity and a nice grit when pushed. Have. to. pull. myself. away.

    I jumped in on this Bundle #4 too. Looks killer. If these amps are done to your usual standards, I would say this is a must have for KPA'ers that like the harder side of things. Can't wait till Share-It clears the payment!

    Edit: By the way, I love your pics of the amps and gear. Extremely professional looking. Do you take them yourself?

    When I had this issue the fix for me was turning down the treble and presence a lot. Also, for some reason I have never gotten along with the headphone out so I monitor from the monitor out instead.

    I had sent back my first unit that I bought the week the KPA came out here in the US. Most of that was because of user error and expecting it to work the way I wanted it to work. I thought I would try it again a few months later after reading some glowing testimonials from people I trusted. This time around I was more open to letting it guide me to its magic rather than forcing it to be what I wanted. It has been a bit of a bumpy road though, as to be expected with any cutting edge gear. But I have been really happy with he KPA for many months and have absolutely no regrets with my purchase.

    Hey hoth, do you find these profiles too scooped sounding? Hearing conflicting reports on this pack, so just really tryin to get as much info as I can before I buy :D . Also Andy, not trying to sound like a cheapass, but do previous purchasers of your profiles get a discount for the metal pack as well! Thanks!

    They are not too scooped, at least for my taste.

    I bought the metal pack and was all set to test out a bunch of profiles tonight. I started with the Fortin - big mistake. I got a couple profiles into it and hit the Forten 3 C3. At that point I stopped and just played that profile for the next few hours. It was everything I think a hotrodded Marshall should sound like. It played like butter and sounded like molten steel. I am consistently amazed by the quality of Andy's work and this pack is no different. There was even this moment when i caught myself with my eyes closed making the cheesy guitar face. I literally just turned to that profile (did not tweak any settings) and started to play. Bliss. Period.

    Sure there are about 87 (I think) profiles to this pack.
    So there are about 4 or so variations per cab. 3 cabs each, all different voicing, with amp+Mic placement. - some amps captured with TS, scooped No-TS, Metal-clean - x 7 amps = 87 or all designed for Metal Production, so big sound, and full of growl. its a different approach to profiling a normal amp.. so the pricing is as it is, due to Specialty reasons as it took a long time to produce this, every day for 2 weeks in studio,

    Glad you like the profiles, Well in the AF3 thread its full of talk about this pack :) - and my facebook updates have been constant too. sorry bout that

    In my opinion "no comment" equals to a possible bad news that might affect the sales...
    I hope I'm wrong though. I can hear the aliasing on my unit when I look for it specifically, but during normal use, it does not bother me much. Definitely a shortcumming for a fully grown digital unit though that needs to be eliminated if possible.

    Same for me as I do not play extremely high gain music generally. The more worrisome aspect of the issue though is the radio silence from the company.

    I like the fact, that the KPA is OS independent. Let the manufacturers of the sound cards and other interfaces fight that driver war.
    Yes it might seem easier at first, but then again look at all the issues that rise from driver development for new OS versions.
    The way it is now, the Kemper can be integrated into any recoding situation at any given facility at any given time.

    True that the KPA is OS independent and Kemper doesn't have to worry about any drivers. But that's because the KPA doesn't have any computer connectivity! Personally I think this is a big missing feature and Kemper dropped the ball. At least supporting one OS would have been very nice. Surprising omission given that just about every other product in the digital domain has this ability (even the $50 ones).

    I can get some sick industrial-type sounds from Guitar RIg. It didn't occur to me to profile them until now. Any tips from anyone who's done it?

    Oh, found this: Profiling software... possible? Tips? Tricks?

    I had no problem profiling Amplitube, GR and Scuffham. The biggest issue I had was making sure that levels were good but not clipping anywhere. With all the ins and outs the routing got a big complicated but otherwise the sounds were great.