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    I completely disagree on the “for the price” comment personally... the amp flat out SMOKES a lot of high gain stuff out there. Under a mic especially with good IR’s you would never know it’s “only 15 watts... or rated at 15 watts anyways. Has PLENTY of thump and power, the best deal on the high gain market by far in my opinion... it’s been used on some records lately, including the new Whitechapel blended in with a dual recto rev F through a driftwood power amp and Fortin blade pedal... that’s some heavy company... the amp flat out smokes, period. Regardless of price point.

    For your enjoyment, a brand new Ceriatone Gargoyle :) 421/57 mix on a mesa OS. Diode switch to the left, both gains about 1 oclock, bright switch to the left, EQ all about 6, except bass and deep up a bit, and presence at 2. enjoy!

    Profile name : CERIATONE GARGOYLE 1

    GearJocke I uploaded one more, "EVH TEST 5"....This one is probably my favorite. Very similar to the first one you liked, however a single 57 in a different spot. This one is very aggressive and snarly, has more bite than my first, however still very similar. Just curious to hear what you think. Thanks!

    Thanks man! Glad you dig it. The bass is super thick on it for sure no doubt. Volume was about 10 o’clock, Bass up around 2:30 or so, but the resonance knob was pushing 2 or 3 o’clock as well. My guys who use the amp a lot lately on big records love it up that high, so I cranked it up. I feel it’s better to have the low end than to try and dial it up later, sounds much more natural that way to me when tracking. Especially consider the Kemper in the past has had issues with low end accuracy. I will say the profile sounds more “sharp” and tight than the real amp, but the Kemper tends to make everything more tight and sick like that in my experience. Not necessarily a bad thing. Glad you dig it! The blue channel is absolutely stellar on the 100 watt model compared to the 50 for sure too, I’ll have to do a few of those.

    Check it out on the rig exchange homies. Just like the post says. EVH EL34 100 watt head, Channel 3 red, Mesa OS 4x12, 421/57 Mix. 421 is about 6-7 DB higher in the mix. Let me know what you guys think. Good LORD I love this amp! Profiled with an ESP Horizon with EMG 57/66 combo, in D standard/Drop C. Pay no attention to the tags in the rig, or the effects, I just wanted to get the core tone up quick for input. Let me know what you guys think.

    I have totally missed this response VESmedic . Yeah I read about that on some other forum a few months back if I recall correctly. I saw tons of guys begging for it but as far as I am concerned, a wizard never reveals his secrets ;)

    I saw them at Pustervik in Gothenburg ... a year ago or something like that. Always putting up a good show although the crowd was rather mediocre. I'm going to make a guess but I don't want the answer, but I'd say it's probably SinMix 8o

    Haha. no... people with ears don’t use sinmix’s stuff 8o8o8o8o8o8o8o

    How is there not more traffic about these yet?! Guys these are absolutely incredible, buy with confidence here. Mike fortin doesn’t put his name on anything unless it’s absolutely fantastic, this is no exception. I have not been blown away by profiles this much in a very long time, and never a complete set like This. The fortin “drop F heaven” profile with my emg loaded 7 string is the absolute heaviest most brutal guitar tone I’ve ever had in my possession.

    I don’t even know where to begin with these... absolutely unreal crushing tones in this pack. All merged. Quality micing, profiles done by jocke himself. This is what quality profiles sound like in my opinion. These sound like something you would get when doing profiles with a big engineer. If you have actives, have fun with this one. Just absolutely crushing. More later.

    I feel like this needs a bump, because these are still my favorite high gain profiles to date for mix ready: live or in the studio... for anyone chasing album tones, the Krankenstein 6 profile is by far the closest I’ve heard to an Andy Sneap style tone... and I have a few Profiles actually made by sneap :) that profile is like the General this Godless endeavor style tone or some of the arch enemy style tones from that era... great job all around.

    Update 2 for Kemper Profiles based on EVH 5150 III Stealth EL34.

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    Damn that sounds way sick... I really like how your mixes are coming out these days, you’ve got something killer going on in the low end for sure... what’re you using for your bass chain?

    Hey guys, I uploaded 5 more profiles using the Two notes. These turned out MUCH better I think, Let me know your thoughts PLEASE! :)

    some low gain stuff with Celestions official Greenback cab, as well as the EVH cabinet, and some high gain with the Mesa Offical Two notes OS cab, as well as Ken Susi's official. All tags should be clearly marked, and whatever mic is listed first (121/57 for example) is higher in the mix. Thanks!PRS

    Should be PRS MT15/Two Notes 2, 3, 4,5 and 6.

    Hey guys, just doing some profiling today of my MT15, and wanted to try it out with my Two Notes Torpedo Live. I dig the results so far. Cab is the Diezel Kerozen cab, loaded with the Celestion K100 speakers, 2 SM57s, one off axis, in a "fredmen" style technique. Check out the rig if you'd like :) Just Uploaded on Rig Exchange. Should be Called " MT15 Test TNT3"

    I’d also like to add that 9.9/10, switching an IR while using a direct profile sounded much much much more “natural” and real than if I were to switch to a merged cab, this has just been my experience over the last few years. Sometimes a merged cab just works, and it’s great. But more often than not, an IR, for me, reacts the way it would if I was switching to a different cab or mic position “in real life”.

    I’m kind of the opposite of some in this post... I just recently started using pretty much nothing BUT IR’s with dIrect profiles. For me, this gives me much more control over exactly what I want, as the IR world has vastly more “well micd” cabinets than in Kemper land in my opinion. Ownhammer approach is great, in that they are done with a neutral power amp, and giving tons of snapshots and different microphone placements, thus giving me much better seperation within the amp/cab block, and huge versitility to find exactly what I want. It’s a win for me.