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    Michael has outdone himself, and I'm not sure how... easily the best pack I think he's ever put out... for those that like his signature sound, they are in there, and the best he's done yet: for those that want something different( v30s, brighter sounds, more edge, maybe some want darker etc) they are all in there, and completely in your face huge sounding... the gain channel is simply stunning... Jamie nailed it with this amp, and Michael nailed the profiles. I didn't think I would get this excited about profiles after 5 years with the Kemper but Michael has really outdone himself... see mike, I told you I'd behave haha! :D

    Also the "twin 1" super clean profile is at the top of the list... throw a compressor in front of that, and please try and find a better more authentic fender clean, I mean it's perfect... use it all the time.... people forget a lot of the "original" stock profiles were done by a group of A list Nashville pros in Nashville studios, a lot of them are really great. For instance the twin I mentioned has better low end than just about any commercial profile I've tried for similar tones, as well as the JMP profiles they did sound fantastic ( no boost engaged). I turn up the definition a bit on one of them, and one of them doesn't have a cab attached so attaching your favorite cab gets some absolutely fantastic tones with that one...

    Matchless slightly overdriven profile, I believe with a Royer 121 on the cab... fantastic profile, easy to tweak, works well to gain adjustments, big fat low end with tons of chime and clarity. Still on my Kemper after 5 years, and sees regular live use...

    I believe it's called matchbox r121 or something like that... and yes the AC top boost set of profiles that come stock are arguably better than many that have ever been released...

    No problem... you have some amazing amps, and if they are profiled even half as well as this amp you'll be a new leader around these parts for sure. Can't believe how great these cleans are especially with a cab in the room as well. When can we expect more releases from you?

    Stunning profiles... building performances now for a country gig in two weeks, wonderful tones man, absolutely fantastic job.

    Yes, DLS...
    That’s what I understand also, it’s very simplified… Which could be a good thing… But I have talked to a few people in studios and they all say that the countryman is the most transparent DI box they have ever used and they swear by it, so… I will try both and see if I can get some half decent direct profiles

    agreed..big time studio guys I know always swear by the countryman for those exact reasons, especially when recording bass

    Try the battery. It eats batteries and there is no guarantee that the battery sent is any good. I take the battery out each time I use it because it will eat them if left in even not in use. What you described is familiar with what I experienced. If you have a multi adapter around with a 9v plug use it so you never have to worry about the battery again.

    If you have no clipping it's either the battery or the unit has defects.

    the battery was one I went and bought, not one that came with the unit (it didn't come with one)

    so I bought a behringer ultra g to do direct amp profiles with, and it's not coming out the way it should that's for sure. Amp is a 5153. When profiling, the profiles do not end up sounding like the amp at all: the definition never gets above 3.0, and gets lower with more gain! For instance the red channel I got profiles with the definition at ZERO, not at all what you would expect from a focused high gainer. All my connections seem to be correct. What is weird is, I get the high pitches microphonic squeel on the higher gain channels, much like if there was a microphonic tube, high pitched squeel with the volume on the guitar at zero etc: like what happens when you use a guitar cable between your speaker cab and amp, but I'm using speaker cables. It does NOT do this with the amp plugged straight in and the Kemper not connected to it... can anyone help me out?