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    Andy great reply. Your mics are more than sufficient, most of the best guitar tones in metal are recorded with an sm57, and/ or a 609, with different mic techniques etc. might I suggest visiting the sneap forum to find out more, might learn ALOT since this is new to you :) I would also suggest maybe learning as much as you can, doing some profiles, and letting a few select few hear them, and critique/ give suggestions, that's probably a great idea as well :)

    Hey Jeff, didn't get the email, maybe try again? Ya, you are probably better at that than I am, that is pretty new to me, but am definitely learning alot, and definitely know what I like for sure. Why mark doesn't like the VHT, not really sure, other than he feels they are way to dry. They are however, still my favorite amps, and definitely my favorite live amps for sure. Andy's 5153 and 6505 are great in the mix, the models I used mixed perfectly together, probably the 2 best tones together to create one great tone that I've done personally!

    The biggest thing with this pack is that the aim is for recorded tones; almost like a "modern metal producer" pack. The focus would be Sneap/Richardson/Fredman/Suecof/Lewis tones; IMHO, the VHT's, DAR, ENGLs save the S120, and Bogner don't fit that. I'm asking for the 5150 again because while the 6505 profile is great, the midrange is a fair bit different from the 5150+MesaOS+57 combo I know and love.

    Jeff, back at home now, about to email you. Just wanted to touch on this topic alittle. I think it is important to remember that, these producers get these sounds in the "mix" not on their own, and "reverse engineering" if you will, would probably be alittle difficult. I still stand by what I said about stem mixes. For instance, I used one of marks profiles that he used on a very famous album that has been released in the last year. The result? Sounded virtually nothing like the band in which he used this profile on. I think it is important to remember, these guys are the best of the best, and they still have jobs, for a reason, it is all about their mixes (duh right?). My newest recordings, which I'll put up soon, were virtually all andys profiles, and the 5150 sits great in the mix, there is no denying that, I can see why you, and many others love it. It is one of my favorite amps, I think I've owned about 5 of them haha!

    Furthermore, you are right, those guys dont use VHT's, or DAR's etc. In fact, Lewis for example hates the VHT sound, he thinks its too dry etc. But for me, I love it, and the ultralead is still my favorite amp on the planet. I think adding some extra amps, as well as profiling the "tried and true" sounds (5150 into a mesa cab for example) would be a great idea, allowing you to get your own sound, as well as develop your own mixing skills, while still having some of those classic tones. Emailing you now!

    Jeff I'll email you when I'm back at my CPU, on my cell right now. You are correct in a sense, however mark DOES have an uberschall that he loves, and has used it on quite a few albums. He's big on the Herbert right now, he actually profiles my personal Herbert I believe and uses it often lately. I can tell you he loves the KPA, him and suecof both, and use it more often than not as of lately.

    The biggest thing with this pack is that the aim is for recorded tones; almost like a "modern metal producer" pack. The focus would be Sneap/Richardson/Fredman/Suecof/Lewis tones; IMHO, the VHT's, DAR, ENGLs save the S120, and Bogner don't fit that. I'm asking for the 5150 again because while the 6505 profile is great, the midrange is a fair bit different from the 5150+MesaOS+57 combo I know and love.

    Mark Lewis is one of my best friends, I see him weekly. I have a few of his profiles He used on a few albums, and while they are GREAT, they aren't worlds better than some of Andy's in my opinion... You would really need stem mixes to get those sounds, IMO, and mark would probably tell you the same
    Thing I would bet.

    Also, If this is done with a VHT UL/CLX; MAKE SURE ALL PROFILES ARE DONE WITH THE MASTER VOLUME ON ATLEAST 2 O'CLOCK! Please trust me on this seriously, I am a VHT fanatic, their amps turn into beasts with the master up that high, TRUST ME, you will see ;)

    I like the list, however many of these Amps have been done ready, and by Andy as well.

    I would like to see Amps I've seen yet to be profiled WELL, If at all, the top of my list would be VHT/fryette, my favorite amp company personally. My list would be something like.

    1. VHT ultralead/ CLX WITH VHT Cabinet ( this is crucial for the VHT sound)
    2. Engl Savage 120/fireball 2 /SE
    3. More 5153's
    4. Bogner twin jet.
    5. 2 channel rectos( preferably pre 500)
    6. Fortin production amp ( preferably natas)
    7. VHT deliverance 120 ( again, with VHT cab)
    8. DAR ( yea right)

    Just my opinion, the diezel Herbert could be added to that list, but there's are some
    Great ones out there, and my personal profiles are indistinguishable :D

    Andy , in my experience, alot of guys using the kemper ( Atleast where I'm from) are big metal guys.... Including a few extremely well renowned studios here in central Florida. I cam guarentee you, If you do a metal pack with the quality of pack 3, you will make ALOT of people happy, and sell the pack like hot cakes. I, and a ton of others would probably b more than happy to help you get in the right direction for this, amp selections etc :)

    This may sound like a "duh" comment to some but, I thought I would ask anyways. I am sure the biggest part of the "magic" of andy's profiles, is his micing of the cab, the room, micing technique etc. Would it be safe to say then, that using/saving his cabs for whatever profiles I like (for instance, his 6505 sounds great) and then adding Andy's cabs to other profiles would make them that much better? The cab has such a huge part of the sound, this is why it got me thinking....For instance, I love andy's 6505 and Soldano profiles, would saving those cabs, and adding them to another stack (say, juanas Engls for instance ) make them that much better since Andy's cabs were miced so well? I guess there is only one way to find out, but unfortunately my Kemper is not here right now.

    The debate definitely sparked some emotions and some good, productive discussion. I think I'll stick with the rig exchange and encourage any/all KPA users to dig into your closets and storage spaces and keep those profiles coming! :thumbup:

    This was the intent for me personally. I want to see what peoples reactions are to the idea, because lets be honest, it is going to cross alot of peoples minds. Going to make a dent in the market of people buying and returning amps? I personally highly doubt it, but it is worth the discussion in my opinion.

    I use a Mackie HD1531. It is heavy, but loud as all hell, and sounds amazing. No beamyness of the 4x12 cab, and gives me the best stage sound I have ever had. My drummer has never heard me so good he says. I also have a VHT 2902 poweramp, and VHT Deliverance 4x12 I use as well, but usually go FRFR live, unless I feel like hauling everything in, then I use both :D THAT is THE sound in my opinion.

    My band has been re recording guitars with the kemper lately, basically a "remaster" if you will, after member changes, and better gear etc. I have been using a professional profile of my Diezel Herbert, and a 5150 model. Today, I used Amp Factories 6505 (the "scooped" profile) and AF's 5153 lead ++ plus model for rhythms, and my god if I don't have the fullest heaviest guitar tones I've ever had recorded personally. For leads, I got to use AF's Soldano SLO lead profile today, and it was hands down the best recorded lead tone I've ever used. There is absolutely no way I could have EVER gotten that tone with anything I've used to date, and that probably includes an SLO mic'd by me, just wouldn't be possible. I can't tell you how impressed I am with AF's profiles, and of course, the Kemper itself. I've had mine since April, and the hoonymoon hasn't left, and I don't think it ever will. Just an amazing piece of equipment.

    Edit: Also for anyone that cares, I do not use the onboard boosts for recording, I use my real maxon OD808, just like it better for recording personally, live the onboard boosts work fine in my opinion.

    Bought my first profiles today. Bought the 6505 from pack 3, the SLO, and diezel vh4... Highly impressed, just fantastic. Well worth the 25 bucks or so. The SLO lead patch was immediately setup in my GCP as my main lead tone.

    Let's be honest - amp makers aren't worried about losing sales to Kemper owners, and the amount of people that switch from amps to KPA aren't anywhere near enough to make them worried about it.

    I think you are 100 percent correct, absolutely, however that still doesn't cover the "moral" side of it I guess. How many people have bought a piece of gear for a show, just to return it the next day? I personally have not, but I know people that do that, this isn't really that different.

    How about if you owned the store selling the amps? If the amp is returned (of course the box is opened), by law (in the US at least) you can't sell it again as now you have to take a loss because some piker wanted to profile it?

    This is how you roll....Seriously? :thumbdown:

    How I roll? Seriously? Is that how you roll? Getting amped up over a discussion? It's a topic that has been brought up for debate before, and will continue to do so in the future, I can't believe you act surprised. I was more referring (personally) to guitar centers vast array of online used gear, not so much buying brand new from ma and pa around the corner.