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    As much as I want you to have a great tone, I don’t get this question. Of course different guitars sound different. As they should: why would you buy different guitars anyway?

    A Strat sounds different through a Plexi then an LP would. And this should be the case. This is not sounding ‘good’ or ‘bad’, just different. I am glad I’m hearing the difference, that the KPA let’s my guitars shine through.

    So, I don’t want to adjust the input section. I want a humbucker equipped guitar to be hotter than a single coil guitar. I want a Tele to be brighter than an ES. I use different profiles with different guitars for different purposes. As I would, when using a ‘real’ tube amp. If I would adjust the input section to make the guitars sound the same, why switch guitars?

    I surely believe that RME interfaces work like a breeze. They also cost a lot more than the Scarlett the OP already has. So, money is better spent on Loopback, with which you can define which programs share audio (QuickTime, Spotify) and which do not (all the rest).

    I have a lot of experience teaching music online (Covid-related). The options that really work and give the most flexibility are VoiceMeter for Windows and Loopback for Mac. You need to control which of your inputs (including software) will be streamed, and which ones will not. These software programs will help you with that. Everything else is just a quick fix that'll never work the way you really want it to.

    I bought the String Singer by ToneJunkie for my PSG, and it's quite nice. I asked him to look into some steel amps, like the Peavey, Sho-Bud and Evans amps. Which profiles by Michael Britt are worth the effort?

    Great that you've found your new pick! Or that you've picked your pick, but maybe that's just too much... Which model did you choose in the end?

    I understand your sentiment but even though Christoph and I might sometimes (or often) disagree, the purpose of discussing a beta is to discuss "issues" ... which is exactly what I (and others) do here. If you just want to share that you "love it", fine. But it doesn't contribute to find and tackle quirks and/or issues. ;)

    Discussing issues with the software is great, discussing issues with each other not. I did not only shared I "loved" it, just search the thread for my posts. And posts saying "I LOVE THIS!!!" are also very valuable for a beta test, in my opinion. This is my final remark on this topic, happy testing!

    Please guys, if you want to argue, then do this via PM, email or by phone. This thread is getting nasty, and I don't think anyone still wants to read this and filter through the trash to find the real beta-related issues. The issue is clear: if you re-amp with a loud input, the KD behaves in a certain way if the volume is also hot. This is at times reproducible, and sometimes not. And that's the end of it, because Martin is not able to send an entire backup to the Kemper team.

    So, please let's discuss the KPA here, I love the KD, and I hope there will be a second KD, which would be the Kemper Distortion. And of course a KF, with octaves function (all-in-one). Then comes the KC (compressor) with different flavors... Hmmm... I see a trend here.

    Who really cares if "it's not a Klon anymore"? If it sounds good, it is good, and if it's not 100.0% like the real thing, the sound you yourself came up with is better than the original. And it saves you thousands of dollars along the way.

    I for myself really like the route that Kemper has taken. We want to capture a complete amplifier: pre-amp, power-amp, cab with speaker, mic and mic-pre. There is no way one could tweak their way there with only one amp model, because the chain is so complex.

    With the Drive, this is a whole different story. CK already explained that the circuits are very much alike, with the sonic characters being even more similar. So having one KD with a bunch of presets (which are tweakable also!) is the best of both worlds. This could be the route for not only overdrive, but also for similar distortion and fuzz pedals. Heck, one could even make these kind of presets for all the other effect: compressor, phaser, chorus, delay. Although these latter effects don't have such a 'signature sound' as do the overdrives and distortions.

    Moving the volume parameter to the first page, and the slim down to the second page would seem like a logical move.

    Thanks for the reply! I've tried lowering the clean sense a bit but it seems it only stops clipping when im lowering the clean sense all the way down. With input sources I mean the options you have in the system setup. I have it set at front input, because i'm running the output of my wireless system into the front input of the Kemper amp.

    Thanks in advance!

    The other guys already pointed this out, but you really should mention this in the opening post. Lowering the pickups not only changes the output, but also alters the sound of the guitar. And don't lower them too far, of they'll fall into the body of the guitar, depending on the make and model.

    You’re right, the link wasn’t correct. It was from a mystery amp 2 years ago.

    The Marshall does sound great though! I’m on more of a Dumble trip right now, maybe I’ll hold off for a few days. Or maybe not...