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    I can confirm, a simple 2-button momentary switch works fine. Just read the manual for the functions, 3 times stop means your loop is erased, for example. Also, the visual feedback isn't there, the remote is a better (but also more expensive) solution.

    And don't forget: the cab including the speakers, the mic and the pre-amp are profiled as well. Heck, even the cables and the room could have an influence on the sound. So there are a lot of variables to take into account while profiling one and the same amp. And no two guitarists will set one amp to the same settings (gain, eq, volume, whatever), so there are the multitude of profiles available for free and for sale.

    I know of quite a few scenarios where additional AD/DA conversions are made in a studio setting like sending a track to a speaker to record/add room ambiance, to excite acoustic guitars tuned to chords, or to a tape machine and back...

    What I mean is, there are more important things to consider than additional AD/DA conversions.

    Yes, you're absolutely correct, although I didn't know about these techniques. I think most of us work more in home-studios than in top-of-the-notch studios who can afford the time to do these things. When you can afford A/D converters of 2000 bucks (I worked in a studio once that had these), it's a different story of course. In home-studio, I think it's more convenient, as Bryan Daste said, to use the S/PDIF direct out.

    Since we're recording digitally (I think), the less A/D and D/A conversion there is, the better. So my solution would be to use the S/PDIF output for the direct signal. Then only the Kemper makes an A/D conversion once. When you record the other S/PDIF output with the amp, there won't be any conversion anymore. Stereo effects are impossible here, one could put them on afterwards in the box.

    The way your setup is now, you could use the EQ to shape the power amp and cab to the way your S/PDIF signal sounds. Every power amp and cab have a different sound, so you could try to "null" those out.

    With regard to the outputs, it's depending on how many cab's you are using. For one cab, you could use one of your main outs to go to the input (left) of the eq. Then the output of the eq (left) is connected to the input (left, again) of the cab. Then the left output of the power amp is connected to your cab. Maybe it's possible to turn the right channel off, so there won't be running a power amp without speaker load. You could also run the entire rig in stereo, using both main outs and two cab's. Especially for mod, delay and reverb, this could provide a lot of space in your sound.

    Well, this got me thinking. In essence, the sound of the guitar is the way the output of the guitar reacts to vibrations of the string. So, in theory it would be possible to build a device that mimics playing the string, and listens to the output, the way the Profiler listens to the amp-cab-mic combo. A simpler version will be put on the pickup, emulating a vibrating string, discarding the resonance of a guitar itself. Engineers are called now!

    A small update for those who use the search function. I just tested the Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 with a 2017 MacBook Pro (usb-c to thunderbolt 2 and thunderbolt 2 to firewire 800 adapters), with an additional firewire 800 to 400 cable.

    So, on the standard settings, with the Saffire as master, I get a firewire lock on all sample rates ranging from 44.1 to 192 kHz.

    With the Kemper as master, I get a lock on 44.1 and 48 kHz. I couldn't get the word clock to lock at higher sample rates, so the output was crackling and everything. Then I discovered the "SPDIF as AES/EBU" function. I not sure what it does (please teach me, for I am ignorant), but it does the trick. I get a firewire lock on 88.2 and 96 kHz, with the firewire driver latency at short. Even the OctoPre syncs via ADAT!

    So, all in all I'm a happy camper (Kemper) and I don't have to buy a new interface.

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    Well, this sounds like fun! I'm not really sure if this will be useful in a band-setting. Maybe I can steal some pad-parts from the keyboardplayer :D