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    As others have said, you need to strip down to the Kemper and the speakers only. Everything else turned off.

    Totally agree. Just to expand a little on what RosboneMako described-

    Plug your HS8 monitors directly to the Kemper outputs. Turn off everything else - computer, monitor, interface, etc. Just test it with your guitar into the Kemper with the Kemper out to the HS8's directly connected. If the noise is gone you at least know it's related to the computer/interface. You might also try the same with just headphones, bypassing even the HS8's.

    Also, you mentioned no noise with just the guitar amp. Have you tried the Kemper into the guitar amp with nothing else on? That might also help you isolate the noise.

    In RM I can unlock all padlocks, but the lock button on the profiler keeps on being lit! Can we talk here about a malfunction in the profiler?

    Hi Player,

    If anything at all is locked, then the Lock button should be on. Are you sure you have nothing at all locked? Maybe Input? Maybe the Stomps or Effects buttons (beneath ABCD and X Mod, etc.) Those Stomp and Effects main buttons wouldn't show in Rig Manager since Kemper decided to drop them on the later Stage.

    If you're sure nothing is locked but LOCK still lights, you could submit a bug report to Kemper and see what they say.

    Just one other thing - in Rig Manager I can also just left click the top right corner of any module to toggle that lock on and off, showing or hiding the orange padlock to show whether it's locked or not. The 3 dots and right click pop-up menu is the way to clear all locks at once.

    I can't say whether it's the same on a Mac if you're not on Windows...

    On post #3 above, there are 5 images. The first one is a screenshot of RM that I guessed was yours.

    Here's a picture of my Rig Manager with the Input, Delay and Reverb modules locked. Notice the orange padlock on only those three module icons. Then I can unlock them as described above, from the 3 dots or a right click on any icon. Or on the physical profiler, if I hold down LOCK, I see that the white buttons under Input, Delay and Reverb show as lit while the other's are not. If I hold LOCK and press the Input button, it's light turns off and it is unlocked. Then I can continue pressing the Delay and Reverb buttons turning those off, and then back on again if I press the buttons again. While holding the LOCK button, they just toggle on/off.

    Hope that helps you.

    In your RM Screen screenshot, it doesn't look like anything is currently locked. On my Windows Rig Manager a small padlock shows in the top right of any locked component. And those lock icons match what lights up when I hold the LOCK button on the profiler.

    What are you seeing as locked?

    Hello ScottM.

    Here are some thoughts on Rig Manager.

    There are three main sections - All rigs, All Presets and All Performances. (There's also the Rig Exchange and the Kemper Rig Packs as sub-folders under All Rigs).

    Under each of those main sections there are folders for My Profiler and Local Library. Anything under the My Profiler sections show what is physically stored on your Kemper. Anything under Local Library are Rigs, Presets or Performances that you've stored locally. You can use anything in Rig Manager while you're connected, but if not connected to Rig Manager (like at a live performance) you only have access to what is stored on the Profiler (anything in the My Profiler sections).

    you can create your own folders (and subfolders beneath those folders) in any of the Local Library sections. This is how you can organize your own rigs/presets and performances to use however you'd like.

    All rigs - these are the actual rigs you would open on the Kemper to preview or play.

    All Presets - these are amps, cabinets, effects used to make rigs.

    All Performances - named performances of up to 5 rigs each. These are completely separate from All Rigs, so edits to any rigs are only to the performance rig,

    An example of how you might manage cabinets:

    Make a folder beneath All Presets\Local Library named My Cabinets. You can only make folders beneath the Local Library section, not the My Profiler sections. Local Library is your library of components.

    Load any rig that you like in the Kemper - either from the Kemper or from a rig in All Rigs.

    You can now copy that rig from your loaded rig into your new My Cabinets folder. Repeat this for any profile you find where you like the cabinet and may want to reuse it. Remember that you can also make additional sub-folders beneath My Cabinets, such as Celestion, 4x12, IR files, and so on if you want more organization. Also keep in mind that if you have any third party IR files, you can save them as cabinets in your folders as well.

    Once stored, you can now use these cabinets from your folders in any rig that you load. Just save the rig with the new cabinet if you want to keep it.

    In the same way, you can do this from Amps (maybe make an All Presets\Local Library\Amps folder or similar), or Effects that you might like or customize and so on.

    Another thing to make use of is the LOCK button. Say you find a cabinet you really like. Load a profile with that cabinet, then lock the cabinet. You can do this by right clicking the top right of the cabinet icon in Rig Manager. Then this cabinet will remain as you change through any other Rigs. Although they would only be saved with the new cabinet if you saved that Rig. But this gives you a quick way to preview lots of rigs with that cabinet you selected. And as already described, this would also apply to any Amp, Cabinet or Effects that you may also lock. Like maybe a favorite reverb or delay, etc.

    Performance management can be a bit trickier, but this should at least get you started.

    Hope that helps.

    Hopefully they would add MIDI connection in the USB A port in the Profiler ( since The Player has on both ports, USB A and USB B as in the manual )

    Pretty sure that's what kpahuitsing meant. They intend that the USB A on all Kemper's are supposed to be same and working with Midi. Just not working on head and rack at this point.

    yes: this works fine (just tested it). You don't need a USB-Midi converter: just connect the SoftStep2 directly with a USB A-B cable into the Player's USB host port (= the one where a USB stick would fit)

    Hello kpahuitsing,

    Could you confirm whether this would also work in the same way from a non-powered Kemper head? (single USB cable to power and communicate with the Softstep).


    you can load any of the available rigs including the ones you created yourself.

    Hey Kemper Support #1, I'm guessing from the Player user guide on downloads that there is no Morph. Can you verify whether that's true. And if not, is that something that might be possible in an update?

    I don't mind the limited effects, but I'd really miss morph assigned to a switch or pedal.

    Simply assign the morph function to the desired parameter and configure your expression pedal to work as a morph pedal.

    Kemper Support #1, if you try the Phaser Uni Vintage preset you can hear the issue. Try morphing the rate and you can see that it just jumps in a bad way from value to value rather than a smooth ramp up or down. Same thing happens with the tremolo rate. There doesn't seem to be a way to get a smooth transition.

    Kemper doesn't follow computer style file naming. So, if you save a rig from a performance or copy a rig to a new rig, it just uses the same name as the original. Once created, you can then rename them if you like as a second step.

    But say you copied the same rig a few times. If you don't take that extra step to rename, you could have any number of rigs with exactly the same name (although different file dates). You also can't pick a location. For example, if you're editing some rig already on the Profiler, you can overwrite it, save it to a new rig with the same name, or save it to the root of Local Library. You can't save it to some other folder you might have created, or to a different Rig name. Not 100% sure, but I think I have this right. I don't really like how it works, but I can deal with it.

    Some of us have asked for a more conventional "Save As" type of approach where you are asked for a location and file name as it's created, but so far Kemper hasn't been responsive.

    Maybe best to start by figuring out where the problem is.

    The part that sounds suspicious is when you say "Raising my volume pedal..." has no effect. Your description seems to indicate you must have the "Monitor Stereo" checkbox clicked on the Kemper Output settings. What is "Monitor Output" set to? Seems like you'd want Master Stereo. If not. is there a reason you'd be setting it to something else?

    Maybe an easy quick test would be to plug your K8's directly out of the Kemper and check if your Volume pedal works. Try it first with the speakers in the Kemper main outs, then again with the speakers connected to the Monitor Out and Direct Out on the Kemper. If both Main Output and Monitor Output are set to Master Stereo then both should work the same way. You'd probably want to at first make sure you don't have any differences in Main Out EQ and Monitor Out EQ (although you might adjust them after all is working). Since you're using FRFR cabs you wouldn't want the "Monitor cab off" checked.

    If they both work as expected, then it seems your problem must be in how you are connecting or using your mixer. You never said whether the Main outs that go to some other mixer work correctly.

    Saving and loading from the Stomps button is still working for me on a non-powered head. I'm using the latest and I just tried it to make sure they hadn't taken this out.

    To save, press Stomps (or Effects) button, then Store, then Stomps Section (or Effects section). Enter a name and store it. To load, press Stomps or Effects then Browse knob to select.

    Why Kemper felt the need to exclude this from Rig Manager and Stage is beyond me, but at least they didn't take it out of the OS.

    I think its like this so that you can select and edit an effect without switching it on.

    I realize this case for editing and its working as expected. I just meant in the case where you select a slot that's currently disabled and the sliding morph control. In that case you always need to click them to select, then click again to use them.

    The hover to select could be a bit much because of the refresh of the edit part of the screen as the cursor is moving, but it shouldn't be hard to have the software check if you're currently over a disabled icon as the click event happens.