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    Why you so angry, Will?

    No anger. Sometimes on the internet tone can be implied when it isn't. I've been holding out on buying another Timebender (regret selling it) with the hopes a similar effect would be added to the KPA. With CK's response, it's clear I shouldn't hold out and go ahead and pick one up. With it's addition my board will be; Digitech Whammy, Digitech Timebender, Zoom G3, Zoom MS-70CDR, Electro Harmonics Freeze. And that's in addition to the FCB1010 to control the Kemper. I didn't need the Zoom pedals when I was using dedicated floor units as they had the effects which the Kemper lack that I need. I realize I probably use more effect than most KPA users. And CK is right that this is a niche effect which the vast majority of guitarists would never use. Even in this thread most players have very different usage scenarios than I envision.

    Cool. I won't waste any more time waiting and pick up a Digitech Timbender. I got the KPA thinking it would be a great all in one buut it seems my pedal board is bigger than when I used floorboard multi fx units. May need to rethink some things, I actually haven't plugged into the KPA in over a week...

    I'm sorry, but that's impossible. A digital signal does not degrade like an analog signal does. If the signal is degrading to the point at which the signal can no longer be interpreted it is not a subtle change. And in the case of digital cabling, a listening test is completely and absolutely the worst possible test as you can actually take a bit stream run it trough a cable and compare the results before and after signal absolutely as the signal is digital.

    I guess it's good to dream. The KPA's primary goal is to emulate as perfectly as possible a real world rig. If you have 2 KPAs you can absolutely do what you're asking for. If you have a bunch of real amps and outboard gear, you can do what your asking for. But considering the unit doesn't have enough power to run dual profiles which would be required in order to create a profile of a profile. None of this will ever happen.

    This is a real phenomenon. Add "5150BLOCK" to the list of rigs that exhibit this behavior, but you have to reduce the amp profile's Gain to put it back into crunch range to hear it. Even with Clean Sense at -12 db, turning on a stomp spikes the volume. If you play with the stomp's Volume parameter, turning it up gets more distortion (as expected) but attenuates overall volume (not expected). This is not how a real amp behaves.

    Yes, this appears to be an issue with some profile and not others. Very bizarre. On some rigs when you reduce the gain everything is in balance, on others you reduce the gain and the clean sound is double the volume of distorted and still distorting even with gain on zero even turning down the clean sense all the way. IMHO, there's something wrong with the profiles which react in this way.

    Monitor Cab Off means cab driver is working. It doesn't mean the cab is off completely. Somehow the cab driver tries to extract some inforamtion from the cab into the "non-cab" signal.

    +1. there is no total defeat of cabinets in the KPA. Disabling cabs in the monitor master menu or clicking off the cabs button engages cab driver which makes an attempt to retain the impedance curve and interaction of the selected cabinet without imparting the EQ coloration of the cabinet.

    I think you should plug it up and try it.

    were these profiles louder in volume than your other profiles?

    Not really. Even dialing back volumes did not help. I think it's cooked into these profiles. I have noticed many of Andy's profiles are significantly louder than other profiles and those which have become part of my favs have been dialed back to match the volume of my other favs.

    So after wondering what all you clean sense fools have been smoking...I finally ran into the experience some of you have described. On all my favorites that I've tested, I can run the clean sense close to 5 (on firmware 2.1) and everything balances. When I turn the gain of a profile down to zero the clean volume is the same. However, last night I was playing with some of the TAF stuff which is now part of the factory bundles and low and behold when I turned the gain to zero the volume was much louder and in several cases clipping! Clipping with the gain at zero, no effects on, no cab volume boost. Even dialing back the profile volume didn't fix it. Dialing back the clean sense did not seem to help either. I tested a bunch of other profiles but I only seemed to have issue with the TAF factory profiles (my TAF favorites did not exhibit this issue). So it would seem that some of you which are experiencing the behavior described may not be related to clean sense at all but isolated to some select profiles.

    Will, do you have an idea why it is hit or miss? I mean, the Celestion 70/80 is just a (very) simple guitar speaker, (I find them a bit dull, used to own a PE60, too).
    But with the great experience I have had with the Mustang III I imagine that using the cabdriver it should sound quite similar.

    I've experimented with a few different speakers in the PE60: a Fane whizzer, the Celestion 70/80, and Eminence Cannibus Rex. Like I said, some profiles work beautifully simply bypassing the cab (or disabling on monitor out) others which sound great through an FRFR sound thin and fizzy when the cab is disabled. Conversely, GSP1101 and ZOOM G3 work fine with the PE60 pretty much regardless of amp model. In fact, I'd even go as far to say on the whole my experience with the PE60 is marginally better with the GSP1101 or Zoom G3. However, the Kemper experience with an FRFR is way better than either. I found the same case using a Electro Harmonix 44 Magnum with a VHT Special 1X12. I think the Kemper works way better in an FRFR scenario than traditional cab. That said, I've heard other get fantastic results through traditional cabs so YMMV...

    I have one. I tried the full range speaker swap and didn't like it as compared to a traditional FRFR speaker. Conversely, the TM60 won't simply work by defeating the cabs in the KPA. Some profiles work fine just defeating the cabs others sound thin and fizzy. So the idea of running it and a direct signal to the house out of the PE60 is hit or miss. Tech 21 suggest you leave the cab sims on but this sounded overly dark. I highly suggest trying prior to buying. I'm holding on to mine as it seems to work well with some of the other gear I have but with the Kemper I get much better results using a FRFR type amplification.

    To dismiss the FCB1010 as a toy is misinformed. It is a very professional and powerful MIDI controller. With the UNO chip (standard not UNO for Kemper) it can do things some much more expensive controllers can not.

    From my experience this is what i believed was happening and it shouldnt be hard to replicate - no doubt it would push the amp harder, but shoudnt that be compensated by gain? I am in no way dogging the kpa's eq's - including the tone stack they work very well. But i bet you can disable anythin but a pair of eqs and get distortion

    I seriously doubt that unless you are distorting the output on which there is a soft limiter which can induce clipping or the frequencies you've boosted in the extreme are actually distorting your monitor's speaker. The KPA isn't like the POD HD in that way. That's the only device I've ever encountered which allowed you to distort the input stage of effects within a virtual chain which I'm pretty sure was by design to try and emulate (to a fault) the input stages of those specific effects.