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    I assume that you just listen more carefully now and hear something that has been there all the time. Try to check whether the same issue occurs with your guitar not plugged in or through an analog amp. If it the issue is there, I'd contact an expert to look into the setup. If not, contact support.

    Same with taskbar shortcut for Win10. After installing RM 2.0 beta, the remaining shshortcut on taskbar was unusable. I had to remove it and drag new one.
    No big deal, but worth noticing.

    Same here. It's been like that for the last couple of updates. No big thing, but yes, worth mentioning.

    About the Fat 50s - I have this pickup as well on my strat in the neck position - and from my experience, it's kind of a strong magnet pickup and it can cause stratitis if it's set too close to the strings (at least on my strat) - kind of a boomy bottom, tricky - but a very nice clean to break up sound they get across. Congrats on your strat building project. Came out nice! As for profiles, just browse through and as soon as you get the typical bell-like sound you would expect, keep the profile for later.

    Whenever a guitar track finds its way into a real song with all the other instruments the mix engineer would do this anyway. :D With a setting so high no guitar player would like to hear his track soloed.

    Exactly. That's why I thought of the low cut option rather than the low pass.

    This is an incredible addition to the effects. The delays / presets / adjustablity everything with the new delays is as good as if not better than the delays I have used before. I am speechless. I couldn't think of anything that could be wished for at the moment.

    One more thought: The manual states that during the refining process it is recommended that you play complex chords. This could mean that the refining process checks how the amp reacts to harmonic content. But this is mere speculation.

    Today we finally identified the bug of the flickering type overlay - which was a pretty tough one. I am pretty sure we fixed it this time, upcoming in version 4.0.2).
    Oh, and yes: it was a software issue.

    I am tempted to say "I love you, Timo" - but that would probably not be appropriate - so I'll go for a big Thank You!

    Am Sound der Profile - am Sound des Profilers hat sich gar nichts geändert. Änderungen gab es bei enigen Usern nur bei den Delay-Einstellungen. Wenn du tatsächlich den Eindruck hast, dass der Sound anders geworden ist, dann downgrade doch auf die letzt offizielle FW. Nimm eine Gitarre auf (externer Looper oder DAW), nimm dies als Reamping-Signal und mache von ein und demselben Profile eine Aufnahme in 3.3 und 4.01. Wenn es einen Unterschied gibt, kontaktiere den Support.

    What is the difference of this 2 cases?

    Well, I am not certain, of course, because I haven't developed the KPA and its remote. But there is a difference of course, because the values from the expression pedal conncected to the remote have to be sent to the KPA througth the network cable first, before the data can be processed. Just try and see if that makes a difference for you.

    .I tried pedal pitch with 4.01. (Pedal connected at Remote)
    By moving the pedal very slow I heard that the tone changes in halfton steps but with no transient behavior.
    Obviously my ear (of course the brain) considered it almost as a continuously change. (depending on speed)
    In praxis - for me it would be close enough to use it as a slide.

    If you want, try to connect the Expression Pedal directly to the KPA (Pedal 1 insert) and see if that makes a difference. I tried that at the weekend and I have found that the Exp Pedal directly to the KPA doesen't work as smoothly as it does when it's directly connected to the KPA. I could also see that on the system page with the pedal calibration or in morph-rigs.

    Send the pictures to support and tell them how to replicate the issue. I have sent a similar mail to support - on my KPA this happens when I try to copy the LDLY from the Delay slot in the effect section. Although I have sent an email already, you should also report: [email protected] , because the situation in which your error message shows up is slightly different.