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    I've had some trouble finding out simple stuff like SPDIF info and connecting with the Behringer pedal, so finding this was amazing.

    Set up a separate FAN website for sure. Have a Free Rig Exchange that has the things people have been asking for. Comments per rig, etc.

    Kemper should concentrate on building a great product and let the owners and fans share rigs and tips in a format that they like.

    Thank you for amassing this information. It's exactly what I was looking for.

    I do have the HD 280 at 64 Ohms and use it for tracking mostly, so I was also using for the Kemper. As opposed to listening to classical music.
    Guitarists love the HD 280 that have tried all mine.

    I have the 80 Ohms for the 770's and the difference between them is huge still.

    BTW, the Kemper puts out plenty of volume, I'm talking about other sources.
    For example, my Motif Rack XS never seems to get the piano loud enough for the 770's at 80 Ohms, but other patches are fine.
    But then again, I'm used to playing a grand, so I might just be expecting that huge sound that I don't from a violin synth!

    If I have Patch A-Orange TS1 on and the Main out at 10, the 280 at 64 Ohms is 92 decibels and the 770 is 82 decibels at 80 ohms.

    That's the difference between hearing damage and just loud music if you play for hours. The Orange patch is not the loudest patch either.

    I see a release that says "Kemper CabDriver mode" offering 2 choices to switch from. I though in another release they were mentioning it's uses and I though I saw three things mentioned. My bad if not true.

    Ok, so can you use CabDriver's choices through ANY powered amp? So if I go to an Atomic Active CLR Monitor I can go to CabDriver mode (under what, PERFORMER switch?) or I can choose to put it through my Tungsten amp, or does it require an external or Kemper internal amp to only go to a guitar cabinet, like say a Marshall 1960A?

    Sennheiser HD 280 Pro are pretty good and cheap. $100

    But if you don't want to go as deaf, BeyerDynamics DT 770 Pro are easier on the ears for almost $200

    The problem with the 770's are if you can't amplify the signal enough for some sources. The HD 280 get PLENTY loud. Fatally loud.

    I totally recommend buying a Sound Level Meter to ensure you are not blowing your hearing on 85+ decibels, which with the Kemper is easy as pie to do.

    It doesn't take long to create irreversible hearing damage in headphones.

    1) Single Coil Alnico V's by Fender. My VIntage Tele has them, and my Strat has them as SD SSL-1's. Blues and Rock. Sound like a SC should sound like.

    2) P90's from MusicMan. Called MM90's. Crunch and BadAssed.

    3) TV Jones. Classic and Super'Tron.

    4) HB's like SD Jazz and HB

    That said, 5) would really be my bass pickups: Rick 4003.

    I do have Piezo (iMix) for my acoustic, but I only use it partially in a mix to bring some finger sounds into the mix with a Condenser for bright and Ribbon for warmth.

    I never hit the SNAPSHOT button unless I've STOREd the rig.

    Since my QUICK button is a shortcut to my SNAPSHOTS, I would choose QUICK, then choose a rig, then hit EXIT so I was on the main page, THEN I would hold the RIG button to store it to FAVORITES.

    That was where I noticed some rigs, separately STOREd were pointing to the same thing when it came to the FAVORITEs folder.

    Another anomaly was DELETE in the FAVORITES. When I had 45 in there, and went to sequentially delete from the last rig on backwards, they would magically reappear!

    The ONLY way I could successfully delete rigs was to move 2 rigs back in my FAVORITES folder, hit delete, move 2 rigs forward, hit delete, move 2 rigs back or more, hit delete, and so on. That worked.

    So maybe I'll try this: Quick->Snapshot->Exit Now I have a chosen rig on the main screen. THEN I'll move the Browse button off to another rig, and select it. Then move it back to the original rig. THEN hold the RIG button and see if it stores properly. I have Autoload set to ON.

    At NAMM, was the Kemper booth using a PowerAmp through Passive Atomic CLR Monitors?
    Or a non-power Kemper to Active Atomic CLR Monitors?

    I'm talking about choosing ONE over the OTHER. If you go the Active Monitor route, you are stuck using the monitor as your AMP.
    If you choose the Kemper POWER AMP route, you have more options, but you should NOT have bought an ACTIVE Atomic CLR Monitor in the first place, right? Right. Is that clear?

    I read that the Kemper PowerAmp will have 3 switches. One for FRFR, one for Guitar Cabs and I didn't get the third one.

    For the life of me, I can't imagine how a processed Marshall with modulation, and reverb is going to go to my Fender amp with a frequency response of 250k-8k and sound anything like going through an FRFR where it will actually sound like a Marshall.

    But I get that if it can sound GOOD through a guitar amp, even if not as the original profile was intended, that's Ok with me. But it can't be the same. Can it?

    Don't read me wrong, I'm trying to figure out what to do. Which Atomic Monitors to buy. Active or Passive? Whether it makes sense to stick with my Kemper as a PreAmp? Or get an Upgrade to a Powered Amp from Kemper when available.

    I have QUICK shortcut to where SNAPSHOTS are saved.

    When I had 45 rigs in my FAVORITES, I found that some rigs were tied to each other. For example, I had one of Andy44's rigs called Bassman Clean that I turned up the gain on and called it Bassman Clean+. When I chose one of them and held RIG, it went to FAVORITES. When I chose the other and held RIG it took the former rig back out. As if both rigs were actually shortcuts to the same rig. Even though I did a SAVE AS on STOREing it.

    So I took everything out of FAVORITES. To start off fresh.

    I went to QUICK for my SNAPSHOTS and chose a rig, lets call it AA. AA did not go to FAVORITES, another rig entirely called PP went. I went to favorite and deleted PP. I pressed QUICK and went to rig BB and held the RIG button until it said it was saved to FAVORITES. I did that for another 2 rigs, say BB and RR. Went back to FAVORITES and you know what was there? Only PP!!

    Something about saving to FAVORITES from SNAPSHOTS doesn't work correctly. And some rigs, even when STORE'd with SAVE AS are not stored in such a way they they have separate pointers when it comes to assigning to FAVORITES by holding down the RIG button.

    I'm on 1.6 Beta. So I'll put on the Public Release and see if that still happens.

    In the Box, I got a manual guide in English/German and one in Spanish/French

    A piece of paper about dangers, mostly electrical.

    That was it. It would be nice to have something make a larger point that an in depth guide was online. In large type. Bold. On a small card taped to the instrument! ;)

    I went and deleted all of what was in my Favorites Folder, so I could start fresh.

    What was in there was by accident, I didn't know how to use the RIG button, etc.

    Anyway, I deleted everything and then went to my Quick folder, selected a rig, exited to the main screen, pressed "Rig" and held it until I got a message saying it was saved.

    There was an entirely different rig in Favorites.

    I deleted it, went to Quick, added a few. All said they were saved. I went back to Favorites, same single patch.

    Something is wrong there, I'm pretty sure. Has this been addressed or seen by others?

    I've seen talk of it over on the Gear Page. And Scott Peterson has some YouTube demo's of various FRFR's including the CLR from Atomic using (of course) his Fractal AXE FX II.

    From what I can tell, it sounds Very Clear and True to the signal. He plays an NX he says normally, but likes the CLR better. If he's not pushing it as a product (he's usually up front about that though, so I don't think so) it's a really great match.

    The fact Kemper is using them must mean something. That said, HOW is Kemper using them at his booth? Is he using the Kemper with it's own Amp to a Passive CLR?

    Because Atomic makes CLR's with their own amp (if you will) called an ACTIVE Monitor that you can plug our regular non-amp Kempers into. The cost difference? About $250 bucks.

    I don't know what the upgrade cost will be for us Lunch Box buyers, but unless Mr. Kemper can give us a compelling reason, the Active Monitor CLR from Atomic is the best solution: 1k and you are done. Amp+Monotor. Don't really need stereo Scott tells me.

    But if you DO want stereo, selling your regular studio monotors might afford you another one and you could have duel use: Mixing and Playing the Kemper for high end 20Hz-20kHz with much of that very flat. (for example, I have Mackie MR8's and those Yamaha NS10 clones, so I might get close enough to 1k on selling them)

    Thus the question is: Why get a Kemper Amplifier UNLESS you want to be able to plug the Kemper into more than one monitor? It would take a few of them to catch up to the cost of just the Kempers Amp upgrade itself. (unless we get a deep discount. I bought mine 2 weeks ago, but would I send it off to Texas to be serviced? Probably not.)

    My guess is Mr. Kemper would say the reasons are:
    1) You can use any monitor then, not stuck to one Active Monitor
    2) The ability to go Kemper to Guitar Cabinet or Guitar Amp (is that true or just a rumour?)
    Probably a few more. He doesn't seem to do something unless he has a lot of bases covered. But I'd like to hear them before making the decision.

    My problem is being old fashioned. I expected a manual that explains what the product is to be IN the product.

    But I realize that with a digital product, that continually experiences upgrades, this "model" of a printed manual doesn't make sense.

    You would need continual updates with new releases. So a PDF in the support section makes sense.

    That said, the reference manual still doesn't have much on SPDIF. So what am I missing? Is SPDIF something that you should just know about outside of any particular product? Like MIDI?

    Wait, it's ONLY electronic?

    How in God's Creation is a person to know that? Or did it say that in the other manual?

    Maybe comprehension in reading isn't my strong point, but seriously, that would have been nice to have WITH the unit. Or a BIG fat piece of paper telling you to look online.

    I've been doing all this stuff blind. Well, it IS a very intuitive unit. Thanks so much.

    Hold the Horses.

    This thing came with TWO manuals?

    Let me go home and check the packaging in case I missed something...

    Aren't there link to digital manuals online here? I'll check them too.

    First, I'm a newbie, so don't read my posts as criticism, but instead as reaching out for help to learn how to tame this truly amazing product.

    To answer your Question:
    I couldn't find any info on setting up SPDIF. Didn't know it's Hz, whether it was a Master/Slave, should I hook up only the Kemper OUT to the Recorder/Sound Card IN or hook up both because they needed to communicate. Etc.
    I couldn't find enough information on how to get a CLEAN profile. My profiles keep coming back "DISTORTION" and I've not been able to play with GAIN or VOLUME to force a CLEAN profile.

    I couldn't find info on how to set inputs and outputs (like check the SPDIF boxes for both IN/OUT, or what's the relationship between the Master OUT and the Main VOLUME. Or what are the various settings on the outs: Stereo, Mono, gif?, etc I don't know what some of those mean.

    If those are in the manual and I missed them, I apologize. I do have a habit of skimming as there is no Index.

    The manual is, I think the word is, Spartan. Short, Sweet, but not Deep. Now, in the Kemper's defense, it is the most intuitive piece of hardware I've ever used. And I truly have NEVER spend this much time learning how to use a piece of equipment. Why? Because I've been smiling for 3 weeks since owning it and my interest level is very high in learning all it's aspects.

    I've tried SEARCH on the Kemper forum, but most of the information doesn't apply, so I find it more applicable to search GOOGLE, even if it points back to the Kemper forum!

    So part of what I want is technical & setup, but part may fall into the category of "Tutorial" as well.