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    Hello Kemper comunity ! I just posted my first profile at rigs exchange. ART DST4_Xtreme Chan is the name , and my name is Toneskulpt there.

    -ART DST4_Xtreme Chan

    Dst_4 EXTREME

    Mesa Stiletto


    As a new kemper owner, i did my first profile tonight , i was anxious, so even so its not 100% perfect technical profile, i think it turned ok as a first one for me . As i didnt saw many super high gain profiles, i remembered to profile the xtreme channel of my ART DST4 PRE AMP , a rare pre amp, considered by many superior to the Marshall JMP1 and in a way can have similitaries on the Xtreme Channel to a boogie . There is some transformer noise, and that was a litlle printed to the profile, but if you use it in its maximum gain, its not too noticeable, at least for me . I am a blues and rock guy , but its fun to see these massive wall of distortion sound banging my head ! I used Humbucker Pickup with 13k Resistance!! from a Gibson les paul custom black beauty ! So beware with your levels, here its ok for me . For other who use less output pickups , put a booster as a stomp , and you should be ok . Sound at source is not equalized, and couldnt use all 96 dbs of distortion !!

    I used the cabinet of Mr. LasseLammert, Mesa Stiletto V30 miked with SM57+R121, so thanks to him . As its the most cool cabinet for this pre amp channel at my humble opinion . I hope you enjoy my little gift to the comunity . . even so this profile is for the Heavy Distortion lovers, even so , the solo lead when delay activated is serious SOLO LEAD .

    Well . . maybe at the end, my profile is complete rubish , but it was my first , so please be tolerant, and i ask for your feedback for improvement. Thank you .

    Kind regards