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    What is the Kemper.sys file that is in the Windows - system32 - drivers folder?

    Uninstall tool does not remove that.

    Small progress... I had both kemper.sys and kemper profiler.sys in mine. Deleting both of those got rid of any driver errors - the KPA shows up in Device Manager and appears to be fine - but Rig Manager still doesn't see it at all.

    RM on Windows 8.1 here, can't get the KPA driver working. Trying to install it manually via Device Manager gives the error:

    The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary entry.

    If I uninstall the KPA in Device Manager and run the Driver Uninstall script it says there's nothing left, but even after a full reboot the best I can manage is:

    This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1)

    The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for this device instance.

    Parallel compression can be really fun for high-gain guitars. I often add some in the DAW, set pretty aggresively, with a mid scoop afterward and blended in very gently. It can often give the feeling of a cranked-up amp without needing the gain as high.

    That said, I've never had much like trying it in the Kemper - IMO it's because we don't have normal compressor controls to work with.

    If they were re-profiling from a .kipr, why would their format use the exact same amp parameters that a Kemper has?

    It sure looks to me like they're able to pull out the relevant amp data from a KPA profile and play it with their algorithm.

    If you use Rig Manager to manage all those thousands of profiles, then the next time you update it and Kemper decides to introduce encryption as a necessity then during the installation process it could sweep through all of them and encrypt them before you could blink. Remember a thousand profiles is only around 6 megabytes of data. That's nothing and can be encrypted in an instant. Of course if you wish to stay on an older version then you might lock yourself off from the Rig Exchange which no doubt would also end up encrypted and any further releases of new profiles from commercial profilers too. If it became necessary for Kemper to pursue this path, you can be sure you will have to as well.

    That's a pretty impressive invasion of their users' systems and would piss off a LOT of people.

    - There are some people out there still running older versions for whatever reason - stability, not liking something Kemper did that affect the tone of an effect, etc.

    - I have several thousand .kipr files on my hard drive, and so do at least few hundred other people. Kemper has no way to encrypt those. New profiles with the most current OS? Sure, they could do that.

    I'm very curious to hear what Kemper's position on this is, especially

    I wonder if CK and SS talked to each other about this. Slate is not using K-terminology (rig isn't;).
    I picture them standing towards each other, no talking needed. They communicate telepathically. From one genius to another. :/8)

    "Profile", "rig", "all of the names on the knobs in that image"?

    Rumor has it, the editor is only for Linux systems :D

    I'll see myself out.

    You laugh, but as a Linux user there are literally only three things that I have to boot into Windows for - my TV torrent downloader, filling out PDF forms, and Rig Manager. :(

    Seems to me like this idea is effectively just "scoop your mids" - a low shelf and and a high shelf, both boosting slightly, with the overall level lowered to compensate, is going to be the same as pulling down everything in the middle. In fact, if you're putting the shelves at around 100Hz and 4-6kHz... that area in the middle is pretty much what the Mid knob on the the front of your KPA covers. (see the PDF in my signature, page 19).