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  • Hey bro, I read your thread on the harmonizer and am still lost to an extent. I need one for Detroit rock city solo by Kiss. any ideas? It is in Eb tuning.

  • Good morning,

    I am currently building up a new rig and I am looking into the Mission SP-1. I will be pairing it with the FAMC Jr. Midi controller. I saw in the forum that you have been using it. What I want basically is to connect the SP-1 directly to the Midi controller, in order to avoid the extra cable, set the pedal as a volume one when the switch is off and as a wah/pitch pedal when on.

    Is this possible with the SP-1? Have you experienced anything weird or off with its behaviour and the way it communicates with the Kemper? Finally, do you use TRS cables on both outputs?

    Thanks in advance!

    • - I think it's possible to do that with the switch, but I have no idea how; I've never used it myself. You would end up needing a second cable from the SP-1 though, since the switch has its own output jack.

      - Both of my Mission pedals are connected with TRS cables into a Behringer FCB1010. I removed the FCB's factory pedals and replaced the wiring with a pair of TRS jacks to plug the Mission pedals into. Works great, never had any trouble with them.