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    That was really helpful Gianfranco, thanks.
    I'll first try the octave approach. If it sounds too sterile...I'll try the harmonizer approach.
    I was just too lazy to program it for each song!

    I have the same issue. I want play melodies/solos and it should sound like 2 guitars.
    Example: The hook line of Judas Priest / Breaking the law.
    I don't want program harmonies. Just a click that gives me the second guitar e.g. one octave transposed.
    Seems to be quite difficult. But I thought I could use the octave or so and mix it in at 50%...but no success.

    I just recently started to use a guitar cab again with my Kemper Power-Toaster. I had been using in ear all the time with the Kemper. It's the first time I use a guitar cabinet with it.

    I attached a 2x12 Engl cabinet, 16 Ohm.

    I have a few questions about correct settings for guitar cabs:

    • Power out put: How to use the various volume options? What are good/bad settings?

      • Rig volume (I use this only to level different rigs)
      • Main volume for XLR to FoH(I uncoupled this from the master volume button)
      • Monitor volume
      • Power amp volume
      • Master volume (I change the volume of the guitar cab with it...not the main/FoH volume)
    • Cab off/Cab on and studio vs. merged profiles

      • One should switch of the cab simulation when using a guitar cab...right?
        I dialed in a killer sound and then later figured out that I still had the cab simulation on....that should have sounded aweful...right?
      • How do merged profiles change this? Is the cab sim part automatically switched off when using a guitar cab connected to the power amp?

    I had been using in ear all the time with the Kemper. It's the first time I use a guitar cabinet with it.

    What profiles do I use? Guidorists Marshall 800 and MesaBoogie Profiles and have no idea if they are studio or merged ones.

    Update: I could not live w/o the Kemper in this band :)

    So I did my A/B comparison:
    Marshall 205 with 4x12 cab
    Kemper with Matrix Q12 passive FRFR cab
    Kemper with Engl 2x12 guitar cab

    Marshall: Great issues in the band mix
    Matrix: Great sound...gets really loud...but in the band context hard to hear (independent from profile)

    The other guitar player is playing a 1972 single channel Marshall (has to be cranked to sound good) connected to a 4x12 plus 2x12 cab.
    As @Ingolf pointed out...he is moving a lot of air.

    The Kemper on a 4x12 looks a bit I brought my 2x12 Engl cab.

    Sound? Great! In band context? Great! No problems at all.

    The Engl cab is slanted (= the upper speaker is Pointing to your ears)...this might be the real advantage/trick here.

    SO......the Kemper is back and I'm really happy to have great sound AND convenience of noise gates/effects etc.

    Thanks for your help!

    P.S. I have some questions regarding settings with guitar cabs...but will start a new thread.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Here's a stock photo showing the slanted cab.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Thank you guys!

    I'll stick with the JamUp app on my phone for the time being. But will check out the other solutions when I see them at my store.
    I'll will send an email to the developer to include Apple Music compatibility.
    Sonos is implementing this as well so PositiveGrid/JamUp should be able to do so as well.

    I have the iphons 6s plus with 128GB as well.
    The only issue I have with JamUp is: You can't jam to songs that are in the Apple Music cloud (streaming service).
    The song shows up in the JamUp list..but you can't play them (even if you downloaded them to your device). So you have to purchase them in addition to paying for streaming.

    As I have to learn many songs for a cover band that kind of sucks. But of course...buying all the songs is still cheaper than another practice amp ;)

    I own a little traveller guitar and I take it with me on business trips, vacation etc.

    I'm looking for a small, well sounding practice amp. It needs to have an aux in I can play to the original songs from my iPhone.

    What did I use up to now?

    • Line 6 Pocket Pod (Sound not sooo good, rather large)
    • Vox Amplug (Sound ok...but difficult to change volume or switch to solo reverb)
    • Apps (Jamhub) + Apogee Jam (Best sound...good formfactor....but really difficult to get all songs into the app....does not work with songs on spotify or Apple music)

    Any recommendations? Thanks!

    That's the guitar:

    [Blocked Image:,400&qlt=90&cvt=jpg]

    I'm helping out in a 2nd band for a few weeks (80ies/90ties rock covers). To keep things simple I just use my Marshall head there (New band needed!)

    In my main band I was always happy with my solo/lead sound. Usually I added some gain, EQed the mids and added some subtle delay.

    Playing with my Marshall now again more often I was surprised about the great lead sound. I simply forgot how good it is.
    I just use a high gain channel (JVM 205, overdrive channel, orange mode) and the guitar sings and sings...lots of sustain. Really great. No need for any extra pedal.

    For some reason I can not get that same lead/solo sound on the Kemper by just using an amp profile (without adding distortion, delay etc.).

    Am I only using the wrong profiles or did you make the same experiences?



    Call me a traitor :) ....
    ....but I decided last night to use my Marshall head in this new (temporary) band (JVM 205h).
    It took us 1 minute to setup the sound for the 2 guitar players.

    However, when I have time I will do an A/B comparison with the Kemper in that same room.

    Thank's again for all the great tips and hints.

    I did A/B's all the time. I was testing the mighty Marshall and the Vox against the Kemper, also the Kemper into the FX return of the Marshall or straight into the Marshall cab (Celestion G75T's) or the Vox Alnico Blue's. I also kept a Palmer 1x 12" with a Greenback in it.
    The result is/was always the same: The Atomic CLR projects much better and beams much less. This is not surprising though when looking at its specs.

    Good to know Ingolf. As I said in my main band we play in-ears, I'm the only guitar player and we play "experimental rock" with lot's of Kemper effects. No sound issues at all....Kemper is great here

    The new band situation brings 2 guitars, (almost) no effects...just AC/DC style rock.
    The solution is clearly: Find the right profiles and the right speaker.

    For this temporary "job" I just want the fastest route to a decent tone....might be the Marshall Half stack. Investing days of A/B comparisons are probably not worth the time.
    How long did it take you to find your perfect solution/setup?

    Thanks for your tips. You're probably right.

    I have the following options (this is a temporary band project...I'm just helping out for a couple of months):

    • Use my Matrix Q12 and find/tweak profiles
    • Bring my 2x12 and then find/tweak profiles
    • Bring my old Marshall and use that for this band

    I'll figure it out. Thanks again!

    Hi guys...happy new year to all of you!

    In my main band we play in-ear most of the time and I got used to it. Happy with my sound...all good.

    I'm currently helping out in another band and they do not play in-ear.
    It's a classic 80s/90s rock cover band (AC/DC, Black sabbath etc.).
    Drum, Bass, Singer and 2 guitars.

    The other guitar-player runs a Marshall JCM 800 through a 4x12 cab. Sounds awesome.

    I now tried my DXR-10 and my Matrix Q12...but my guitar is hardly noticeable.
    It's not a matter of loudness....the energy, the meat of the tone is somehow lost. When I play alone in the same's all good.

    So my question is: Should I bring (=schlepp!) my 2x12 guitar cab? Will that help?
    Or am I just used to in-ears and no other amp/cab will sound good anymore?

    What's your experience?


    Do you want to play an acoustic guitar with the Kemper? Just switch of the entire stack (one button)...add reverb/chorus to your liking and you're done.

    Or do you want an "acoustic simulator"...making your electric guitar sound like an acoustic?

    Just print out the response from Kemper and show it to your dealer. The situation is obvious: Your dealer has to handle this.

    Don't blame Kemper...they responded quickly in a professional manner (You're email style is rather rude....but they still responded nicely :-)).