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    Had to play the weekend with v6. I waited until the release to update as I'm not a fan of playing live with a beta. Guess I'll stay on v6 for a while more until v7 is cooked in real good.

    Nice to hear the bug got squashed! :thumbup:

    Just updated from 6 to 7.0.9 release in my unpowered rack today and its not responding to CC07 from my FCB1010. Morphing works fine (CC11) and everything looks great on the System/Pedal Links page. It shows incoming CCs and you can see the volume amount change but there is no volume change that you can hear.

    Never had an issue with my pedal or my rack before. I don't think the problem is in the pedal because everything looks like it should on the screen of the KPA. I rebooted and the problem remains.

    Anyone else have this issue? I'm gonna have to down grade if I can't get this fixed by this weekends gig.;(

    I'll be using v5.5 later today at a gig. I know you shouldn't use a beta live but I've been using it for a couple weeks at rehearsal with no problems and I feel pretty confident that it'll run smooth. I've been playing live with my KPA for 3 years now and have never had a single glitch at a show.

    That being said I'm off to find some wood to knock on...

    And remember if anything happens you'll never be as embarrassed as the lead singer who fell off the stage! :thumbup:

    When trying to change a rigs volume the value doesn't stay on screen long enough especially when setting morph values. Having it's own page probably isn't necessary but being able to increase the time it displays would be nice. Even 5 seconds would be enough time for the job.

    Thanks for your time!

    I am a rack user and I do trust my ears, I guess you could set every parameter on the kemper using your ears but it's not the most convenient method. A current rig volume display would be nice. I just don't know why the volume parameter has to revert back while all the other parameter values during morph will still display.

    Odd behavior, but it doesn't keep me from setting my values how I want, like I said.

    I guess I'll make do...

    Is there a way to keep the rig volume display on screen while changing for morphing? I am morphing from rhythm to lead tones in some of my rigs and while trying to set the rig volume level the display keeps reverting back. Is there a rig volume page somewhere that I'm missing where it will stay on screen while I setup the morph?

    It's a small thing, I can make it work. Just wondering if I'm being a noob and missing it. If not maybe I'll post it in feature requests.

    Love my Kemper, if this is the only thing I have to complain about I guess I'm sittin' pretty good! :thumbup:

    Thanks guys!

    Seldom see a house PA in my area (Eastern Washington), been running sound from stage since the 80's. We use JBL (SRX725 & SRX728S per side) with a X32 rack mixer, Sennheiser IEM and/or QSC K12 for monitoring (depends on how cramped the stage is). I use my Kemper with a FCB1010 (modded LG-FCB) for both guitar and bass, I haven't used it with a real cab onstage yet because I have vocals and click track to deal with too. Too much stuff to haul around for a club gig. Getting a Kemper has definitely made my back muscles and ears happier!

    I got the LG-FCB for my FCB1010 a couple years ago and I haven't run across a situation that I can't program past. I can't see spending $500US when I can use my setup with two included expression pedals, plus it's nice to be able to program a pedal or switch to send whatever CC# or patch change you want to.
    (P.S. I'll watch this next gig to see if there is any lag with the screen. V4.0.6)

    I'm not knocking the Kemper Pedal, I'm sure it's great, it would just be a downgrade in my situation.

    LOVE my setup! No problems here! Your Mileage May Vary (I don't do acronyms!)