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    Come to think of it I didn't see a progress bar either. Normal time to complete but I pushed the button a couple times thinking I didn't push it "right".

    Very happy with the update so far, morphing worked great. It's nice to have all those levels in between rhythm and lead!

    I have a gig next weekend, feeling a little apprehensive about updating. Looking for a general consensus. Is it OK to follow the Pied Piper into the river? LOL

    I want to morph SOOOO bad!

    Thanks guys!!

    OK, my situation as it stands.

    I'm using my Kemper for guitar and bass at different times throughout the night in a Top 40, Classic Rock cover band. When two guitars are required I use backing tracks for bass and else. I'm using two AB Cadabras to switch my wireless inputs and mute my bass output via midi. Guitar is coming from main stereo outs while bass is coming from Loop Mono in Mod section of Effects sent to Direct Out. Works fine...except when

    Trying to utilize parallel path for bass. Is the parallel path mixed back in only at the Main Outs? I'd like to mix it back in at the Direct Out. Is this possible? Future firmware update?

    Is there a more efficient way I could run my system? (Besides buying 2 Kempers or making up my mind if I want to be a guitar or bass player. Lol)


    Quote from the Introduction of the manual of the THD Hotplate;

    "The Hot Plate is a power attenuator that sits between your amp and speaker(s). It allows you to obtain the full output distortion of a tube amplifier at lower volumes, without sacrificing tone.
    The Hot Plate can also function as a high quality direct box, allowing you to send the amp’s signal to a mixing board, a separate power amplifier or to rack mount effects without miking the

    I've always used it as an attenuator, but it can be used as a dummy load, my question was if it colors the sound as a direct box.? Doesn't say in the manual. :?:

    Would the fact that they use a "simulated sine wave" vs "actual sine wave" mess with the KPA or would that matter? Just wondering...

    Other than that it looks like a great little piece of insurance!

    Maybe a power guru can chime in here.

    This December I'm gonna make a rig that has everything enabled, spray it with pine scent and put presents under it. Instant decorated Christmas tree!

    Santa rocks!

    Lokasenna - I'll check into that and see if it will work, even more cost effective than the way I was thinking :)

    Paults - Your right about the cab, but I need a solution for sending two separate signals to the FOH mixer (one for my bass rigs and one for guitar rigs), preferably using MIDI so I don't have to flip any switches manually. That way they could be switched automatically when I change my rigs. Yes, I'm THAT lazy :thumbup:

    I'm in a unique position of needing to play both bass and guitar through my KPA at live gigs. Both instrument inputs could be switched by midi using an ABCadabra, no problem.

    BUT, I haven't been able to find a comparable option for the balanced output (xlr or trs) going to FOH that is midi capable.

    I'm trying to make the switch as fast as possible and having the in and outs change with my patches would be best.

    Any thoughts? ?(